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The experience of balloon riding in Turkey is one of the wonderful experiences that you must do even once in your life, and the city of Cappadocia is one of the best places in Turkey where you can try balloon riding. Cappadocia is also one of the tourist destinations famous for its historical, cultural and geological richness, and for the various tourism activities that tourists can perform in various seasons of the year with a limited budget.

where is it Cappadocia?

Blimp experience in Cappadocia - Blimp experience in CappadociaThe city of Cappadocia is in central Turkey, east of the Anatolian Plateau
The city of Cappadocia is located east of the Anatolian Plateau, in central Turkey, and it is 1000 meters above sea level. The terrain of Cappadocia varies between hills, plateaus and mountains, where the outskirts of the city include one of the most important volcanic mountains in the Central Anatolia chain, which is Mount Argyas, which has a height of 3,917 meters.

How do you reach the airships in Turkey – Cappadocia?

1581239805 8 Blimp experience in Cappadocia - Blimp experience in CappadociaTraveling to Cappadocia by plane is the easiest option
Cappadocia is 730 km from the Turkish capital, and there are various ways to reach it, whether by plane, train or bus.
The plane is the easiest option to travel to Cappadocia, as there is both the “Arkelet” airport, which is 75 km from the village of Goreme, and the “Nevsehir Airport”, which is 40 km from the same village, and the journey takes an hour and 35 minutes, and upon your arrival you will find many taxis that It will transport you to the hotel or the city center.
There are also fast trains between Istanbul, Ankara and Konya that pass through Eskisehir where you can go to Konya and take a taxi to Cappadocia. There is a second route, which is via Pendik station in Istanbul towards Ankara and then you can take a bus to Cappadocia which is available every two hours and the journey takes 4 hours to Nevsehir and 5 hours to Goreme and costs 30 TL.
Among the hotels we recommend staying in Cappadocia are:

  • Cappadocia Abras Cave Hotel
  • Anatelian Boutique Cave Hotel

How much does a balloon experience cost in Turkey – Cappadocia?

1581239805 991 Blimp experience in Cappadocia - Blimp experience in CappadociaThe price of a balloon ride varies from company to company and from one season to another, but the prices usually range between $ 150 and $ 250.
Airship tours are held throughout the year and in all seasons, but this experience is preferable between April and November. The balloon ride in Cappadocia takes about 60 minutes, and one trip starts at dawn to allow tourists to see the city at sunrise.
The price of balloon rides varies from one company to another and from one season to another, but the prices usually range between $ 150 and $ 250, and companies usually provide transportation from the hotel to the place where the airships take off and offer coffee and biscuits.

What activities can Cappadocia do?

1581239805 194 Blimp experience in Cappadocia - Blimp experience in CappadociaThere are many activities that can be done
Turkey combines long history, rich culture and magnificent natural landscapes that are remembered for everyone who visited this magical geographical spot. The Cappadocia region, in particular, attracts thousands of tourists who want to experience the airships and the sights of the city at sunrise in a very beautiful view, but this is not all, as Cappadocia includes many tourist options where you can take a stroll in the volcanic rose valley, and see the old houses in the village of the Different Valley and rock formations Alien. As for water sports enthusiasts, they can head to the “Zamati” river for kayaking and spend quality time in this beautiful area.

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