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Tourism in Bodrum

Bodrum has a strong tourism sector, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country, and a center of ancient underwater archeology in the Mediterranean, as well as a large number of visitors, and tourists from different countries of the world; to see the sites Historical, picturesque white houses, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere, and others.

The most important sights in Bodrum

The Turkish city of Bodrum has many attractions, attractions and magnificent. The following is mentioned for the most important of them:

Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle is an ancient historical monument built for the first time during the fifteenth century AD as the seat of Saint Peter, and today it houses the most important museum of underwater archeology in the world.

The shipyard of the Ottoman ship

The Ottoman shipyard is located in the berth of the Turkish city of Bodrum, and it is one of the important historical monuments in the city; it was built during the era of the Ottoman Empire, and although it was destroyed by the Russians in 1770 AD, it was later rebuilt.


The Marina is represented by Palmarina, the port city of Bodrum, and it is considered one of the most beautiful places in the city; the wonderful atmosphere, picturesque palm trees, and the yacht view on the water pier, in addition to cafes, restaurants, and shops dedicated to selling souvenirs.

Gumusluk district

Gumusluk region is one of the most beautiful areas of Bodrum; it includes many parks, clean beaches, and restaurants overlooking the sea, knowing that visitors and tourists can visit the area, wander through its winding streets, paved streets, and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

Bodrum Amphitheater

Bodrum Amphitheater is one of the most important historical monuments in the city of Bodrum, where it was built thousands of years ago, and is still standing today, knowing that visitors and tourists can visit this amphitheater, and go up to its summit to enjoy the wonderful view of the rest of the areas City.


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