Body island

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Body island

Also called Qeshm Island, or Long Island, it is the largest island in the Persian Gulf. The island is located in the western part of the Strait of Hormuz, a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran, separated from the Iranian mainland by the Khoran Strait, and is administratively affiliated to Hormuzgan Province in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The predominant language among its population was Arabic, while the new generation has now ceased to be replaced by the Persian language, after the transfer of school curricula and government and commercial transactions to Persian.

Body Island climate

The climate of the island is considered to be moderate in general, with average temperatures reaching 27 degrees Celsius in the summer, while the winter of the island is cold and rainy, with an average precipitation of 183 millimeters as a result of being affected by sea currents from the Persian Gulf.

Area and population of the body island

Around 117.774 people live on the island according to the 2011 census distributed on a total area of ​​1.491 km, in traditional refrigerated homes, and work in building boats, building wooden freight ships, or extracting salt from the southeastern coast, or fishing, especially since the island has Abundance of wildlife.

With regard to the nationality of the majority of the population, they are Arab, as they belong to the tribes of the coast of Oman, in addition to some Persians, but now the demographic of the population has changed so that the majority of them have become Persians, while others see that the present people are Arabs, still maintaining their customs, traditions and clothing, except that they Linguists have studied linguistically, and even in their language some of the old formal terms, they call dowry friendship and this is an Islamic term, and many other words.

Tourism on body island

Tourist attractions vary on the island, as most of its areas are listed on the World Heritage List in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and these are:

  • Mangrove forests are biologically diverse, and mangroves or mangroves are a species of beach-eating couch plants.
  • Hot marine forests, which can be considered the first national geographical park, where there are about 1.5% of the global birds, and 25% of the birds in Iran.
  • Remnants of the fortress and fortresses destroyed since the time of the Portuguese occupation of the island.
  • Caves and ancient hills carved into the rocks.
  • The Naz Islands are attractive beaches, coral reefs, colorful fish, caves and ancient hills.
  • Conserved area in the village (Shibderaz), where hawksbill turtles are available.
  • Starkan Valley.
  • 60 villages in Bandriya, which is characterized by its women still wearing the old traditional dress known as Bandari.

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