Bora Bora Islands

المسافرون العرب

Society Islands

It is a group of islands located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, and the islands in general came under the control of the French in 1843 AD, and a French colony in the year 1800 AD, and its total area reaches 1590 square kilometers, and its population exceeds 240 thousand people.

It consists of a group of islands: the islands of the wind (Desil de du, Mihisha), Tahiti, Tisharoa, Moria, Mayau, Leeward Islands (Desil mites le vent), Rayaatia, Tahaa, Bora Bora and Tobai.

Bora Bora

Is one of the islands located in the European continent, and belongs to the group of the western corner of the islands of society located in French Polynesia, and the island overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and is located 230 kilometers from the northwestern part of the Papeete region, surrounded by a lake and a large group of coral reefs, and up to the size of the island The total area is 30 square kilometers, and there are about five thousand people living in it, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the presence of many marine life and the places of water bodies within it, and it has a moderate weather throughout the year.

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A brief history of Bora Bora

Polynesians settled in the island since the fourth century B.C., and it was the first description of the island by Jacob Rogevin in 1722 AD, and the island visited many parties that wanted to identify them such as: the London Missionary Society and representatives of the Protestant Church, and in 1888 AD the island became a French kingdom, and the states took The United States of America during World War II from the island a military supply base, an oil depot, an airport for its aircraft, and a defensive fortress, given its strategic location in the South Atlantic.

The establishment of the Kingdom of Bora Bora dates back to the early nineteenth century, that is, during the process of unifying the island, and this was recognized by France and the United Kingdom of Britain in 1847 in an agreement known as jarnac.

Tourism in Bora Bora

The island is one of the most important tourist destinations in French countries, because it contains a number of luxury resorts as a service side, while it contains many attractions such as the cannons of World War II, and it also provides many water trips through which scenic views can be seen, And enjoy the recreational atmosphere, and tourists can go snorkeling and diving in the many freedoms of the island inside.

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Bora Bora airport

Also known as Motu Kutum Airport, its opening date dates back to 1943 AD during World War II for military purposes, and in 1958 AD it became an airport for multiple commercial services, and in the same year a new runway was built in it, and the airport annually uses more than 270,000 people.

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