Brazil is famous for

المسافرون العرب

Brazil is very popular among the countries of the world, perhaps because it possesses great potential to be a famous country. We point out that Brazil is one of the largest countries in the South American continent, and it was discovered by Portugal, and what distinguishes Brazil is the nature of its agricultural lands and dense forests, it is a very beautiful country, and now we will talk about the most famous things that Brazil is famous for.


It is noteworthy that the original place of coffee and cocoa is Brazil, due to the fertile lands suitable for the growth of coffee in that country, and coffee played a fundamental role in the Brazilian economy, especially the beginning of the eighteenth century, and Brazil has since become the producing and exporting country for coffee to the countries of the world Because of the quality of the Brazilian coffee.


Undisputedly, Brazil has enjoyed a great reputation as the most famous country in football, and since the start of the World Cup matches and through the distinguished players in football, Brazil has managed to win the World Cup four times, and among the famous players in Brazilian football is the player Pele, Pele He is a legend and star of Brazilian football and world football, and Brazil continues to produce distinguished and bright players in most clubs in the world, especially in Europe such as Ronaldo, Carlos and Reynaldo.

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The name of the samba country is called Brazil, and the samba is a popular folk dance that belongs to one of the villages in Brazil and because of the atmosphere that samba music creates has spread among all regions of Brazil and Samba was celebrated when Brazil gained its independence and since that day it has been known as the samba country.


Brazil embraces the largest rivers in the world, and it is the Brazil River. Because of this river, Brazil is famous for the largest forests in the world and it is the Amazon jungle, which is the focus of attention of natural tour enthusiasts and safaris due to the density and beauty of the trees in the Amazon jungle, and whatever we talked about these forests does not end Talking about it, which is now considered a natural heritage in Brazil and the largest reserves that include huge and varied numbers of animals, birds and fish, and one of the most famous fish in it is the Barroquo, which is two meters long. They are the largest fish in the world.

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touristical monuments

Brazil excels in its tourist beauty, and one of the most prominent tourist attractions is the Iguazu Falls and Corcovado Mountain, which includes the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer and the length of this statue ranges forty meters, and Brazil includes many beautiful parks and water museums, so where you go in Brazil will be amazed by the beauty and magic The picturesque country of Brazil.

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