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The official and political capital of the United Kingdom, and the largest city in it, is located on the banks of the River Thames in the southern side of Britain, inhabited by more than eight million people, and is one of the most important political, cultural and economic capitals of Europe, and on the first of the month of April of the year 1965 AD divided administratively and formed Greater London.
There is a large group of prestigious universities and educational institutes, in addition to theaters and institutes, and there is a group of the headquarters of major international organizations and companies, in addition to a group of landmarks that made it a prominent tourist place, among them the London Bridge, and this is what we will talk about in some detail below .

Bridge of london

This bridge is one of fifteen bridges located over the Thames River, which connects between the capital, London, and the city of Southwark, located in the central part of London, specifically located between a bridge called the tower, and another called a railway street bridge, built in the year 1967 AD and opened On the seventeenth of March of the year 1973 AD, when he took the place of the world famous London Bridge, which workers began building between 1823 and 1831 AD, but it was dismantled in 1967 AD, as a result of its parts diving into the water of the river and cracked.
It is surrounded by the south side of the bridge of the cathedral church of Southwork in addition to the London metro station, and on the north side is bounded by the memorial statue of the underground station and to commemorate the famous London fire, and who is responsible for its administration is an independent charitable organization, but it is supervised by the City Foundation.

Construction date of the bridge

During the period of the Roman occupation of the city, the bridge was made of wood, and in the twelfth century AD it was replaced by a bridge made of stones, which was built between the years 1176 and 1209 AD, so that it was composed of nineteen arches, and in the year 1770 a group of shops was built on its outskirts Commercial and homes, and a group of traitors were executed at its entrance, most notably the Minister of King Henry VIII known as Thomas Cromosel, who was executed on the twenty-eighth of July of the year 1540 AD, and hung his head at his entrance.
In the year 1831 AD, it was rebuilt from granite, under the supervision of the Scottish engineer John Reney, but in 1969 AD, it was dismantled because the increase in movement and the gods made it narrow and narrow, and the second time, the Molm Engineering Company undertook its design under the supervision of architect Harold, and it was opened in the seventeenth of March of the year 1973 AD, to form one of the most important British bridges, and cost four million.



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