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It is one of the cities of the European continent located in the United Kingdom of Britain, and is located in the eastern corner of the English Sussex region, and is confined between the Downs in the south, and the Canal in the north, and its total area reaches 82.67 km2, and over 281 thousand people live with a population density of 3400 Breaths per sq m.


  • White Hawk Camp is the first settlement in the city during the period from 3500 BC to 2700 BC.
  • The British arrived there during the eighth century BC.
  • A camp was established in it during the period from the third to the second century B.C. in the Iron Age.
  • Many evidence discovered that the city was occupied by the Romans in the eighth century.
  • It became one of the cities of the Sussex Kingdom when it was founded in the year 477 AD.
  • Anthony Sildon identified five stages of city development after the Anglo-Saxon conquered it.
  • Burned by the French invaders during the sixteenth century.
  • Since 1780 AD, the city started a new stage of development and growth in various sectors.
  • The London-Brighton train was built in 1841 AD which led to the city’s population growth.


The city relies primarily on its economy for cutting industry and trade, as it embraces within its borders the American Express company which is the largest company in the world. Many narrow alleys that contain clothing stores, jewelry, antique stores, and popular restaurants.


  • Churches: It contains the Church of St. Nicholas, which was built in the aftermath of the eleventh century to be the oldest of its churches, also known as the Mother Church, and St. Bartholomew’s Church designed by architect Edmund Scott.
  • The Clock Tower: Its construction dates back to 1888 AD, by Queen Victoria, after congestion.
  • Beaches: Contains a number of beaches, waterfronts that include restaurants, nightclubs, sports facilities, and amusement parks.
  • Royal Pavilion: It is a former royal palace built in the late nineteenth century under the supervision of the architect John Nash. The palace is distinguished by an Indian-Arab architectural design from the eastern corner of the interior, and it contains the Sassoon shrine.
  • Brighton Wheel: It is located in the northeastern side of the Naval Palace, and its construction dates back to 2011 AD, and was to be built near the Metropole Hotel, and it features a traditional wired design.

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