Britain’s landmarks

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Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks of London and most attractive to tourists, where Big Ben or the tower clock is known for its accuracy and huge bell that weighs about 15 tons, as it is located in Elizabeth Tower north of Parliament House in Central London near the Thames.

The British Museum

The British Museum includes many holdings representing the culture of many peoples around the world; including: Africa, the Pacific, the Americas, Sudan, ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Europe, prehistoric times, and others.

National Gallery

The National Gallery contains the largest collections of paintings in the world, many of which belong to well-known artists such as: Leonardo da Vinci, Gainsborough, Van Gogh, Turner, and many others, and this museum is available to visitors throughout the year free of charge.

Tate Modern Museum

This museum has a very beautiful tiled façade and a distinctive engineering design, as it is the most visited modern art museum in the world, with an average annual number of 5 million visitors since it opened in 2000.

Natural History Museum

This natural museum houses an advanced research center for science, and it is distinguished by the diversity of its holdings. It contains more than 80 million samples dating back billions of years, so it is considered a tourist place that attracts many visitors.

South Bank Center

There are many festivals held throughout the famous South Bank Art Center throughout the year, which include a variety of paragraphs, such as: art, theater, dance, classical and contemporary music, literature and debate, which leads to an increase in viewer culture, and that center is the largest center of art in The United Kingdom, was established in 1951 AD.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Britain, it is located above a dormant volcano above the Royal Mile, as it was in the Middle Ages the main royal castle in Scotland.


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