You are looking for a British tourist schedule if this article is directed to you. Many travel and wandering lovers around the world love to plan their tourist destination before their travel date, to avoid everything that could disturb their journey, and to spare time and trouble searching for places to visit that drain from their trip schedule, especially if they are The trip is short, so they prefer to prepare a preset schedule that includes a list of the tourist places and the most important landmarks for the country they are heading to, to take advantage of every possible time to enjoy their journey.
Britain is a destination for many who come to Europe, it is distinguished by its combination between the past history and the authenticity of the present, you can spend your time there either by enjoying the tourist attractions in its cities, or spend your time in the British countryside, which is characterized by its calmness and is comparable to its urban presence, in addition to its beautiful landscapes.
The Arab Travelers website will provide you with a guide that you can use in setting the suitable tourist schedule for you.

British tourist schedule

To prepare a schedule for visiting Britain you must prepare a list of the most important tourist cities in it, and know the sights that you should not miss to visit.

Britain’s most important cities

London city

  • It is called the capital of fog. It is also the capital of tourism in Britain and is one of the largest cities in the world. London is famous for its success in the fields of culture, fashion, politics and trade.
  • London is a favorite destination for tourists, combining stunning landscapes, many palaces and museums to visit, as well as ancient churches and ancient monuments.
  • For art lovers there are many plays, and various musical performances in London.
  • Among the most famous tourist attractions: “Tower Bridge, London Eye”.

City of Manchester

  • It comes after London in a row, and it is the cradle of tourism and culture in it, as it is a pioneer in the industrial revolution in the world.
  • It has many tourist destinations that attract the attention of its visitors.
  • In addition to the spread of spas, gyms and recreational places.
  • Some of the most famous landmarks are: “Manchester Museum, Albert Square, Manchester Town Hall”.

The city of Liverpool

  • Britain’s most prosperous city in industry and trade.
  • The University of Liverpool is the most popular tourist attraction.
  • The Liverpool soccer team is Britain’s most popular and popular.
  • Some of the most popular tourist destinations are: “Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool Wheel, Royal Liver Building”.

The city of Birmingham

  • This city is distinguished by the diversity between Iraq and modernity, it was founded in 1500 AD.
  • What distinguishes them most is restaurants, which includes a group of the best restaurants that won many awards, and serves delicious meals.
  • Some of the most popular tourist destinations are: “Boat City, National Marine Life Center, Birmingham Library”.

City of Leeds

  • One of the most beautiful cities in Britain.
  • It has the Aire River.
  • It is considered a distinctive tourist destination for those who prefer a more peaceful atmosphere.
  • It is also called the shopping capital, and it contains a large number of shops that offer the best products.
  • Some of the most famous landmarks are: “Victoria Square, Rond High Park, Millennium Square”.


  • What distinguishes it most is the monuments scattered in it
  • It has grown in popularity as a tourist destination after improving its road transport services to London.
  • In addition to the departure of ships heading to France from them.
  • Among its most famous tourist attractions: “Pavilion Palace, Victorian Quay”.

The city of Oxford

  • It has always been the birthplace of many scholars, politicians, and writers.
  • It enjoys a combination of medieval, modern and modern history.
  • Some of the most famous landmarks are: “Radcliffe Cockpit, Oxford Castle, University of Oxford Botanical Garden”.


  • It contains a large number of famous brand stores.
  • It features scenic landscapes on the banks of the Winsam River.
  • Among the most famous places to visit: “Norman Castle, Anglican Cathedral”.

Britain’s most important landmarks

The British Museum

  • It is located in the city of London.
  • It includes a variety of antiquities belonging to many different civilizations such as: “Egyptian antiquities, Greek antiquities, antiquities from Africa, and many others”.

Tate Modern Museum

  • It is a museum of modern art in Britain.
  • Located in London.
  • What distinguishes him most is his impressive architectural style.
  • One of the most visited art museums in the world.

Big Ben

  • One of the most famous landmarks of London that were visited by tourists around the world.
  • It is intended for tourists to enjoy watching and enjoying the sound of its bells.

Piccadilly Circus

  • One of the most famous fields in Britain.
  • It has many distinct restaurants and cafes.
  • Many musical and artistic performances are held.
  • It is also distinguished by the presence of two fountains.

Royal Opera House

  • It is classified as the largest opera role.
  • It includes three sections: “The Opera House, Royal Opera, Royal Ballet Division”.
  • There are many shows from around the world on its stage.
  • It is distinguished by its spiral-shaped architectural design.

Wax Museum

  • It was created in the seventeenth century.
  • One of the oldest wax museums in the world.
  • It houses many wax statues of many world famous people.

Windsor Castle

  • Characterized by its size, it is the largest castle in the world.
  • It covers an area of ​​45 thousand square meters.
  • You can stroll through its corridors to admire the ancient architecture.

Edinburgh Castle

  • The main castle of government was formed in the Middle Ages.
  • But its most distinguishing feature is its location, located above a dormant volcano.
  • In August every year, it holds military parades that attract the attention of many around the world.

The most famous British cuisine

Before trying any of the popular dishes in Britain, be sure to ask a question about the source of meat due to the widespread use of pork.

Sausage and potato puree

  • One of the most popular dishes in Britain.
  • A hearty meal consisting of mashed potatoes, topped with a lot of milk and butter, with sausage pieces fried.
  • Serve on a plate consisting of potato puree as a basis for it, put the sausage on top of it, then pour over them a little meat broth and a sprinkle of chopped green onions and serve.

Fish and chips

  • It represents the first popular food in Britain.
  • It consists of potato fingers and fried fish pieces.
  • Usually served with pea puree.

Roast dinner

  • It’s called “roast dinner.”
  • Sunday’s traditional British meal is a prime meal for Brits, but you can get it anytime from any restaurant.
  • It consists of a group of fried meats, served with grilled vegetables and potato puree.

British breakfast

  • One of the most hearty breakfasts.
  • It consists of bacon, fried eggs, fried sausages and red beans.

The best candies in Britain

Battenberg cake

  • One of the oldest types of sweets in Britain.
  • It was first baked in 1884 to mark the wedding anniversary of his grandson, Queen Victoria.
  • They look like a chess board consisting of yellow and pink colors and are usually served in traditional tea time.

Bread and butter pudding

  • It represents Britain’s traditional dessert.
  • Usually attended in winter.
  • It consists of layers of bread, to which yogurt and melted butter are added and placed in the oven. Some dried fruits can be added to it.

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