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Brooklyn Bridge

One of the oldest huge suspension bridges in the United States of America, and is considered one of the seven wonders of the industrial world, made in modern New York, where he connected Brooklyn and Manhattan for the first time, reaching length of 1825 m, and is the first bridge in the world in which steel ropes are used, designed by German origin engineer John August Rubling, where John was very passionate about building bridges, especially those where steel ropes were used, as he built many of them in America.

The story of building the Brooklyn Bridge

Although the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in that period was a great engineering challenge before the techniques evident in the nineteenth century AD, John’s passion for building this bridge forced him to work alone in it, after his engineers’ colleagues refused to go into this adventure, he managed at the same time From persuading his eldest son, the engineer, Washington, to work with him, John and Washington conducted a set of preliminary studies from measurements, surveys, etc., and also hired a construction team to officially start work in 1869 AD Unfortunately for John, this bridge destroyed the life of the family that established him, and one day and during the work of a survey John’s toe has a palAl Bahahn The heavy foot had to be amputated, but he died twenty-four days later from tetanus as the wound was not cleaned well. The river To find a solution to the problem of building a large bridge holder at a good depth in the river, this accident left him paralyzed and paralyzed with a brain injury that prevented him from speaking and moving.

Washington’s wife Emily was loyal to him, so she was not only the nurse and the doctor and the link to him with the world, because he could only communicate with people by moving his finger, so she was the translator, but she also learned advanced mathematics, engineering arts, and building bridges under the supervision of her husband, and she started implementing The necessary steps to complete the construction of the bridge and solve the problem of large carriers for him, and she was able to fulfill the dream of John and her husband Washington after fourteen years of work, which is the year 1883AD.

The first to cross the bridge

Emily was the first to cross the bridge to the other side and that was during the majestic opening ceremony attended by thousands of people and the American President and the Mayor of New York and the Mayor of Brooklyn, and this great achievement was not without price, in addition to the spirit of engineer John and the health of Washington, the bridge cost them fifteen million dollars and twenty seven Death due to excavation and construction, and in 1964 the Brooklyn Bridge was specifically included in the list of American national historical monuments. In 1925, this bridge was considered the longest bridge in the world, and despite the construction of many bridges in New York, it remains the most important landmark in it. .

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