Bukhari Palace, the city of the sun

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The city of Bukhari Palace

The city of Qasr al-Bukhari is known as the city of the sun, and it is one of the Algerian cities lying in the state of Medea, to the south of the Algerian capital, and it extends over an area of ​​53.87 km2, and rises above the sea level by about eight hundred and three meters, and this is the city is one of the largest municipalities in the state, due to the name The city to a great Sheikh known as Al-Bukhari, from which he had taken a residence for him, and a building in it that took the form of a palace was built for him, overseeing the entire city.

History of the city of Bukhari Palace

The Rustum covenant

The history of the city’s establishment dates back to the Rustamid era, while some accounts say that it was built during the era of the barbarian state, and its Abaza resided in them, thanks to which it was established. And the eyes are like race and serenity.

Roman era

The city of Qasr al-Bukhari was in the Roman period, and until the advent of the Islamic conquests there, it was a transit station more than an urban center, and this came as a result of the fears that its residents were subjected to raids and attacks, and due to the raids that the region was subjected to, the Qasr al-Bukhari Palace became a mere market for tribesmen The southern Tatari sides, and some areas of the northern plateaus, throughout the Islamic period.

French colonial era

The city has registered its name among the smallest cities that resist colonialism, particularly during the era of Prince Abdel-Qader Al-Jazaery, and many groups that resist the occupation have joined their residents, and this is confirmed by the presence of many indications of it, such as the Prince’s fortress in Bogar.

Early twentieth century

In the early twentieth century, the city lived an unprecedented state of growth and great political awareness, as its residents were influenced by the ideas of Masali National Pilgrim, who was known to reject the occupation after the colonial authorities denied it to the city of Qasr Al-Bukhari, and the residents of the city were also affected by the ideas of Ibn Badis, the founder of the school in Ancient Palace.

Tourism in the city of Bukhari Palace

The city has an important tourist position, due to its abundant historical and historical sites and sites, as it has become an effective engine for tourism in the region, but it is unfortunate that it did not have the official classification of its archaeological sites, and among the most important landmarks:

  • The old palace: Its construction dates back to ancient times, and it was only a small village in the beginning of its reign.
  • Mosques: Such as Sayyid Al-Bukhari Mosque, Abaza, and Al-Zawaya.
  • Antique neighborhood: It is the first residential gathering in the area, built from local materials, such as stones, gypsum, and palm trunks, and takes on a local architectural character, which is unique in the presence of narrow alleys.

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