Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful European countries, it combines the magic of nature and the history, and this wonderful tourist destination is located in southeastern Europe, on the borders with Greece, Romenia, Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia. With a population of more than 7 million people, it takes Sofia as its capital. The majority of the population belongs to the Orthodox Christian religion, while the rest belong to the Islamic religion and other religions. Bulgaria is famous for its medieval castles, its picturesque beaches and its charming nature, as it has attracted millions of tourists in recent years.

Where is Bulgaria located?

NakedBulgaria is located in southeastern Europe, it is bordered to the east by the Black Sea, to the south by Turkey and Greece, to the north by Romenia, to the west by Serbia and Macedonia. The plains, plateaus and mountainous areas cover more than two-thirds of the country’s area, and it is characterized by the abundance of rivers that reach 540 rivers.

Do I need a visa to travel to Bulgaria?

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates do not need a visa to enter Bulgaria, for a stay that does not exceed 90 days, while the rest of the citizens of other Arab countries need a visa to travel to Bulgaria. Here are the required papers for the visa

  • Fill out the exact visa application form and sign it.
  • Colorful photo with white background.
  • Ticket reservation tickets, back and forth.
  • hotel reservation.
  • A copy of the passport, provided that it is valid for a period of at least 3 months, from the date of the validity of the visa.
  • A letter from work stating the monthly salary, the type of job, and the authorized leave period, stating the day of its start and the day of its end.
  • A bank account statement for the last six months, with the balance not less than 500 euros.
  • Health insurance worth 30 thousand euros covering the period of the trip, provided that it is valid in all European countries.
  • Set an appointment for a personal interview.

It is worth noting that the time required to obtain a Bulgaria visa is 15 days and that the visa fee is 60 euros per person.
Disclaimer: The visa requirements may change at any time, and the contents of these pages represent the limits of our knowledge of this issue and provide it to you in good faith. It is the sole responsibility of visitors to the site or its users to use the data contained therein. For more information on obtaining a Bulgaria visa, please contact the nearest embassy of the country or visit the Bulgaria embassy website.

When is the best time to visit Bulgaria?

The climate of Bulgaria is characterized by being moderate and continental, where the summer is warm and the winter is cold, and the temperatures vary in different regions. For example, the coasts of the Black Sea know a rise in temperatures during the summer, unlike the mountainous regions and highlands. Summer temperatures vary between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius, while the winter is cold, as temperatures reach 3 degrees Celsius with snow falling throughout Bulgaria. We recommend visiting this wonderful tourist destination between April and May and between September and October, as these months are characterized by a clear sky and a moderate climate.

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How to get to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria Sofia Airport is one of the most important airports in Bulgaria, from which it starts domestic and international flights and is located 5 kilometers east of the capital Sofia. Many airlines are active in Sofia Airport and it is the main hub of Bulgaria Air. Moreover, Emirates Airlines and flydubai operate flights from Dubai to Sofia, the journey takes approximately 5 hours. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Saudi Arabia to Bulgaria, but it is possible to travel and stop in countries that have direct flights with Bulgaria.

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Best accommodation in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Bulgaria has good infrastructure and has improved in recent years due to its proximity to the European Union and the increasing number of tourists wanting to explore the country. In Sofia and other major Bulgarian cities, there are many accommodation options of five-star, four-star and three-star hotels and resorts. Tourists can also stay in villas near picturesque beaches and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The best tourist places in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Bulgaria is one of the wonderful European tourist destinations where it is famous for its ancient history and witnessed by various historical monuments such as castles, palaces, churches and others It also has a picturesque nature of beaches, mountains, plains, forests and others. The Bulgarian cities are among the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe and we recommend visiting the following cities:

The capital is Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, its largest city, and its cultural and economic center. It is located in the west of the country, which occupies a strategic location in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. The capital has many tourist attractions that testify to the civilizations and peoples that passed through the region, the most famous of which are the Alexander Nevsky Church, the Saint Sophia Church listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the National Museum of History and other wonderful tourist places.


PlovdivPlovdiv is 150 km from the capital Sofia and is considered one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria. Plovdiv is famous for its medieval buildings and stunning natural landscapes, as it is the second tourist destination in the country for its wonderful tourist attractions such as the Romen Theater, clock tower, Slavic churches, mosques and others.


Bulgaria Varna is located in Bulgaria on the shores of the Black Sea and is famous for its charming beaches and is available on many attractions such as the famous sea parks, Asparo Bridge, the Renaissance Museum and the Aspection Cathedral, and spread It has luxury hotels and resorts to cater to the tourists who come in, especially in the summer.

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