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Tourism in the city of Bursa

Bursa has a strong and vibrant tourism sector. It represents an important tourist center in Turkey, where it is visited by a large number of visitors, and tourists from different countries and countries of the world every year; thanks to the presence of monuments and tourist places Attractive, including: colorful homes, historic monuments, stunning landscapes, and more.

The most important tourist attractions in Bursa

The Turkish city of Bursa includes many landmarks, and wonderful and attractive tourist places, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

The Green Mosque

The Green Mosque (in Turkish: Yeşil Cami) is an ancient historical archaeological mosque built during the period (1412-1419) CE by order of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I, which is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design. It should be noted that it was named the green mosque, due to the use of green interior tiles.

Mouradia Complex

The Muradiye Complex is considered one of the best places in Bursa for touring and picnicking. It includes a spacious, picturesque garden, an historical archaeological cemetery, and the Sultan Murad II Mosque which was built in 1426 AD.

Great Mosque

The Great Mosque (in Turkish: Ulu Cami) is an ancient historical mosque built for the first time in 1399 AD, and is characterized by its architectural design in the Seljuk style, where many small stone domes appear on its roof, and two towering minarets emerge, and the interior is decorated with columns, doors, and sculptures Woody.

Bursa Fortress

Bursa Citadel (Bursa Citadel) is located in one of the oldest districts of Bursa, and it is a historical monumental castle that contains many old Ottoman tombs that belong to several Ottoman sultans.

Bursa City Museum

Bursa City Museum is considered one of the most important museums of Bursa; it displays within it many crafts, cultural, ethnographic and historical works that express the history of Bursa.

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