Cable car in Bursa Turkey: the best places to be entertained in Bursa

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The Bursa Teleferik cable car in Turkey is the longest cable car in Turkey but in the whole world, and it is one of the very important tourist destinations in Turkey, which millions of tourists go to every year in order to enjoy it, where you can see all the beautiful landscapes from Maximum height, so we will take you on a journey to get to know the famous Bursa cable car.

Cable car in Turkey Stock Exchange:

This cable car is about 9000 meters high from the surface of the earth, i.e. about 9 km, and it is the longest cable car in the whole world, and this cable car transports passengers on a journey from 4 main stations, where your journey starts from a station that stops and this station is the main station that begins through it Your trip, which includes all the administrative departments, a number of entertainment stores and a large visitor reception hall.
As for the second station, it is Judge Jayla, which is still under construction in order to complete its facilities, then it reaches the third station, which is Sary Station now, which includes many facilities and through this station you can enjoy an attractive panoramic view, then you can reach To the fourth station, which is Kor Baghakaya Station, which was recently opened at the end of 2016, and which includes a large group of huge facilities that witness a large tourist attraction.

Flight time on the famous Bursa cable car:

  • This very interesting and interesting journey between moving in all stations takes about half an hour, starting from an altitude of 236 meters from the sea surface. By this, the elevation continues until you reach the highest mountain peak. This cable car contains 140 vehicles and one vehicle can accommodate eight passengers, and time is estimated Between each vehicle and the next one, it is only about 20 seconds, and the number of passengers who take the Bursa cable car reaches 1500 people every hour.
  • This trip is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable trips that you can take in your life in all seasons, where you can see green plains, snowy mountains and all historical, tourist and recreational places through the vehicle, so do not miss this trip that you can never forget.

The price of the flight ticket during the Bursa cable car:

The ticket price is 27 Turkish liras only for students and people up to the age of 65, while children under 6 years old are free without any money.
As for how to get to the famous Bursa cable car, you can take one of the buses from Bursa main station and then reach the main station of Tafaraj, which is away from the city for a quarter of an hour only.

But there is more than one cable car in Turkey, including the following:

The Sultan Ayoub Cable Car:

This cable car is located in the city of Istanbul, and you can make an unforgettable journey through the whole lifetime, as you can overlook the Bosphorus Bridge, until you reach the Pierre Loti Café, which has been named after the famous French poet, as he was staying in Turkey and writing His novels and poems from there while sitting in the cafe.
This poet loved Istanbul, where green and scenic scenery, either by the blue cable car or the Sultan Ayoub cable car, it takes you to the top of the mountain of the dead then it reaches me to the Sultan Ahmed station and all this is only at the price of 2 TL, then you can You reach Pierre Loti coffee, which is located on a hill filled with trees and scenery, which attracts many tourists.

The Ordu cable car, the Black Pearl:

This city is located in the Turkish north and is located near the state of Trabzon, and it is also called the land of tranquility and the city of oxygen, as it includes many mountains and green plateaus, as it covers a large area of ​​hazelnut and pine trees, and this cable car rises from the ground only about 700 meters, You can enjoy watching many unique views of the city’s charming sights.
The city of Ordu cable car is located on Ataturk Street, and the cabin can accommodate about 8 people. As for the number of people who take the cable car every hour about 900, and you can enjoy a picturesque panoramic trip through the cable car, it is an interesting adventure that you deserve to try, as for the cable car hours He works daily from twelve o’clock in the morning until half past ten in the evening.
As for the price of this man, it is very cheap, as you can enjoy this interesting journey by paying only 10 Turkish lira to go and return, but if you want to book one way, the price of the ticket is only 6 pounds, and the journey takes about 10 minutes.
We hope that you have enjoyed this short trip, and we promise you with more information and trips about all the tourist areas in all countries of the world, but if you go to Turkey do not miss the opportunity to ride the cable car.


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