Cafés in Colombo: Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka and its economic capital, and geographically considered a mixture of hills, plains, and swamps, due to its geographical location and its aforementioned place in which the social and cultural life flourishes, in which wonderful hotels, as well as restaurants, and distinctive cafes that vary and multiply in their drinks .. Therefore This article was devoted to identifying the best and most famous cafes and cafes in Colombo:

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Cafés in Colombo

Cup café

Cup café is considered one of the best cafes in Colombo, located near Mount Lavinia, it is a small cafe with friendly service in which drinks and foods are served in professional and creative forms and this is based on the statements of its visitors and you can enjoy different types of cold drinks such as juices, hot as coffee and tea The cappuccino, with full meals provided, is open seven days a week: Sunday from 12 pm-8pm, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am-10pm, Saturday from 8am-10pm.

Café kumbuk

Café café kumbuk is located in the heart of Colombo on Horton Street It is a cafe with a quiet atmosphere in which you can read and practice yoga if you like, and it has a distinctive service, in which you can have your hot or cold drink with a delicious breakfast, great desserts.Café kumbuk - Cafés in Colombo Café kumbuk – Cafés in Colombo

Paradise road café

The paradise road café cafe is located in Darmapala Mwatha Street, Colombo, opens daily from 10 am-7pm. The café is surrounded by many commercial markets. The café offers exquisite hot drinks of coffee, cappuccino with sweets and full meals.Paradise road café - Colombo cafes
Paradise road café – Colombo cafes

London house coffee

If you are a businessman and want to hold your meetings outside your workplace, I advise you to go to the London house cafe, it is the ideal place to get calm and relaxation with the most delicious drinks and food, in which you will get your coffee made from local coffee, as well as you will get delicious juices from fresh fruits, do not miss to visit it , Located on Sinanayak Muatha Street, Colombo, open 7 days a week from 7 am-11pm.London house coffee - Cafés in ColomboLondon house coffee – Cafés in Colombo

The coffee stop

The coffee stop cafe is located in Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo, it is the ideal place to relax where you enjoy your coffee and light breakfast with a great backdrop for music playing, where you can get hot drinks such as tea, and coffee of all kinds with delicious pastries.The coffee stop - Cafés in ColomboThe coffee stop – Cafés in Colombo

Hansa Ceylon coffee

Hansa Ceylon Café, located on 24 fife road, Colombo is one of the cafes in Colombo where drinks are prepared by the locals, you get coffee, tea, hot chocolate, with delicious pastries, and brownies cake.Hansa Ceylon coffee - cafes in ColomboHansa Ceylon coffee – cafes in Colombo

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