Cafés in Rotterdam: There are many places to drink coffee and other hot and cold drinks in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, so there is no need for a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, so cafes are available in Rotterdam .. We have dedicated this article to get to know together the most famous and best cafes in Rotterdam:

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Cafés in Rotterdam

Visser & Ko Café

The Café Visser & Ko is one of the best cafes in Rotterdam, located on Westplein Street 107, Rotterdam, when you visit it you will find a menu full of distinctive drinks that help you to relax and enjoy your day, including various kinds of coffee such as italyn coffee, as well as delicious tea, delicious juices of fresh fruits.Visser & Ko Café - Cafés in RotterdamVisser & Ko Café – Cafés in Rotterdam

Café home

CaféHome is located outside the commercial center in Rotterdam, you find seats for outdoor sessions in order to enjoy your drink with your outdoor entrees, with seats available inside, the locals love to come here to work, study or for meetings thanks to the numerous plugs and this free Wi-Fi for drinks such as coffee, Tea, juices.Café home - Cafés in Rotterdam
Café home – Cafés in Rotterdam

Koppi Soesoe

At Koppi Soesoe you will find your roasted coffee with the finest toasters in Rotterdam, Aloha Koffie, coffee is provided all day at any time even after midnight Friday and Saturday where all visitors will get their coffee and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere as its visitors say it has Indonesian coffee, which is a milk coffee, with Condensed milk.Koppi Soesoe - Cafés in RotterdamKoppi Soesoe – Cafés in Rotterdam

Lokaal 1e Klas Koffie

Lokaal 1e Klas Koffie is a good café in Rotterdam, meaning first-class coffee is a great and elegant café in the center of Rotterdam, near Hofplein de Hofbogen station. You can go here for a cup of coffee with a piece of cake, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and be able to relax Or, you can have any fresh drink and have fun.Lokaal 1e Klas Koffie - Cafés in RotterdamLokaal 1e Klas Koffie – Cafés in Rotterdam

De Zeeuwse Meisjes

Zeeuwse Meisjes is not only a café, but a store full of treasures, as they say two in one, you have to go to Zeeuwse Meisjes, where you will find what you need and wish for purchases and holdings, as well as delicious coffee with delicious appetizers, like cakes, and delicious baked goods.De Zeeuwse Meisjes - Cafés in RotterdamDe Zeeuwse Meisjes – Cafés in Rotterdam

Hopper Coffee

Hopper Coffee is one of the best cafes in Rotterdam, where you can get the finest coffee with wonderful bread, as it is not only a cafe but an amazing bakery as well.Hopper Coffee - Cafés in RotterdamHopper Coffee – Cafés in Rotterdam

Lilith cafe

Lilith is a nice little place with a welcoming and fun interior decor in the center of Rotterdam, and is the perfect place for every day coffee or breakfast, and you like drinks such as delicious juices from fresh fruits, as well as hot drinks such as cappuccino, tea, and others you’ll find there.Lilith cafe - cafes in RotterdamLilith cafe – cafes in Rotterdam

Café spork

Café spork is one of Rotterdam’s signature cafes located in Groene Hilledijk 179A, Rotterdam, serving delicious coffee with snacks and different types of drinks.Café spork - Cafés in RotterdamCafé spork – Cafés in Rotterdam

Heilige Boontjes

The café is located in an old police station, and the café is one of the good cafes in Rotterdam of the founder De Heilige Boontjes that aims to reintegrate young people with the labor market into society, and of course if you go to the café you can enjoy delicious coffee roasted by people in the old ways.Heilige Boontjes - Cafés in RotterdamHeilige Boontjes – Cafés in Rotterdam


Koekela Café is one of the good cafes in Rotterdam, don’t forget to visit the cafe to enjoy the wonderful coffee, delicious cappuccino with bread, delicious pancakes, it is not only a cafe but an American-style bakery located in the heart of Rotterdam.Koekela - cafes in RotterdamKoekela – cafes in Rotterdam

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