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Cairo tourist landmarks guide and the most beautiful places it contains, Cairo is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is considered one of the most important cities on all Arab, Islamic and African levels, and that city has a very important history, and it also has importance gained through its distinguished location through The location of the city, which is located on both sides of the Nile River, and on the north of the Egyptian lands, specifically in the southeast of the region where the river is divided into two branches, Damietta branch and Rashid branch, Rashid city is an important tourist destination, whether at the level of foreign tourism or domestic tourism, and this importance is tourism Its presence in it is because it contains many important tourist attractions that are distinguished by the country, and which attract tourists to it in various countries of the world, because of the comfort that this country has that places it in the heart of visitors, and we will show you the most important tourist attractions in Cairo, so continue to be sure of it .

The most important tourist attractions in Cairo:

Cairo has a lot of tourist attractions that distinguish it from the rest of the world and among the most important of these landmarks:

  • Egyptian Museum:

The Egyptian Museum contains a large percentage of the exhibits, which include many artifacts, and those artifacts date back to ancient times, with the number of artifacts reaching approximately thirty-six thousand artifacts.

  • Salah al-den al-ayobi’s castle:

Who built this castle by the leader Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi, and he built it, may God have mercy on him, on the mountain known as Jabal Al-Muqattam, and that its construction was completely completed during the reign of Al-Kamil bin Al-Adil, where it became the seat of the kings for a long time, specifically during the era of Muhammad Ali Pasha.

  • Pharaonic Village:

It is one of the most places that give visitors an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone who visits them, and this village is distinguished by its pharaonic designs that have existed over the years.

  • Al-Azhar Park:

This garden is one of the most important landmarks, as it is located in old Cairo. Al-Azhar Park is characterized by its stunning scenery that delights the two eyes, as it is an important incubator that carries an ancient and ancient history.

  • Khan Al-Khalily:

This Khan is one of the most important markets located in the Islamic region of Cairo, as it is one of the important spots of Cairo landmarks that attract tourists and visitors in a continuous manner, especially the Bazaar.

  • Amr ibn al-Aas mosque:

This is the first mosque that has been built on the entire continent of Africa, where the one who built it are the Muslims in Fustat that were established after the Islamic conquest of Egypt, and it has been called many names, including the ancient mosque, the crown of mosques, and the mosque of conquest.

  • Mosque of Sayyidna al-Hussein:

So that this mosque is located in old Cairo, especially near Khan Al-Khalili and Al-Azhar. This mosque may date back to the period of the Fatimid rule, specifically in the year five hundred and forty-nine AH.

  • Abdeen Palace:

This palace is one of the most famous and prominent tourist attractions that exist in the city of Cairo, and dates back to the royal period of Egypt, where it has become a beautiful slender and has great importance in Cairo and is accepted by many foreign and domestic tourists.

  • The Egyptian Opera House:

The opera house is considered one of the most important tributaries of the cultural movement in Egypt. It was produced through cooperation between Japan and Egypt, so that the house was designed and coordinated with its surrounding buildings and tourist attractions.

  • Giza Pyramids:

Where the three pyramids are located in the Giza Plateau, and the pyramids are considered one of the most important tourist places that exist in Cairo, and the pyramids include three pyramids of Khufu, Khafra and Menkaure, which have been built since about 25 century BC, and those pyramids are royal tombs and each pyramid bears the name of the king who built it It was buried inside the pyramid structure, which is a stage for the development of architecture of ancient tombs in ancient Egypt, and the Giza pyramids were classified as the most important of the seven wonders of the world, and it is one of the largest mysteries of modern and ancient history and one of the most important tourist attractions around the world, where visitors from all countries of the world come to witness This building is preaching M.

  • sphinx:

The Sphinx is one of the most important tourist attractions owned by Cairo, it is a statue of a mythical creature that possesses the body of a lion and the head of a human being, which was built by the ancient Egyptians in the era of the Pharaoh Khafre, and the Sphinx is located on the Giza Plateau and specifically on the West Bank of the Nile, where the statue is located in front of the pyramid Khafra, which is considered among the pyramids of Giza, as it is one of the oldest and huge sculptures owned by Cairo, and the Great Sphinx and the surrounding pyramids are among the most important tourist logic that exists in Cairo, so do not miss the opportunity from your hands and immediately visit the sights in Cairo.


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