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Shechem, Canaanite city

Shekim, the Canaanite city (in English Shekhem) is located near the city of Nablus, to which it is so closely related that Nablus was named Shakim in the Hebrew language to the present day, and the city of Shechem, the Canaanite city, gained its importance in ancient Palestine due to its location in the east corridor between Mount Gerzim ( El-Tor) and Mount Ebal, Shechem was a fortified city surrounded by a fence in addition to a triple gate, a temple, and the Acropolis.

Sebastia city

Sebaste is located ten kilometers northwest of Nablus, and it occupies a hill about 439 meters above sea level, and it is a strategic point because of its location on the intersection of two main historic roads, the northern Nablus road to Jenin and the western road from the Jordan Valley to the coast .

Sebastia was the capital of the northern kingdom during the second Iron Age in Palestine. Excavations revealed a part of the city on the Acropolis surrounded by two walls, and many buildings that were located inside this walled area were uncovered. These buildings consist of a large building with square rooms and a central courtyard, The ivory group, which is one of the main discoveries, was found in the building, and the city was completely destroyed in 107 BC by Hercanus, and in 63 BC the city became part of the Syria region, then Augustus gave it to Herods, and called it Sebast (English: Sebaste) in honor of the Lamb Rator.

Tal mean you

Tal Taanak is one of the Canaanite ruins in Palestine, and it is located at the western end of the village of Taanak, about eight kilometers northwest of Jenin, and two kilometers north of the town of Yamun, and more than four meters above the surface level of Marj Ibn Amir, which is a hill and the city of Canaan And, archeology and excavations have shown that the numerous houses and installations in Tal Ta`nak date back to the second century BC (Iron Age).

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