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Cape Town

Kaapstad, Cape Town is located in South Africa, and it is considered the capital of the country, as is the case with the Western Cape Province. This city is ranked third in terms of population at the level of the state of South Africa. Statistics in 2001 indicate that its population has reached 2.9 million people. And its area extends to about 2499 square kilometers.

The city of Cape Town is distinguished by its many harbors, and its picturesque nature also gives it fame until it became a tourist destination from all over the world. Where European settlement, and currently hosts the second airport in the country in terms of activity, which is Cape Town International Airport.

The most famous neighborhoods

The city of Cape Town hosts a number of famous neighborhoods within its borders, including:

  • Bookab: It is also called the Muslim Quarter, and this neighborhood is located at the foot of the Signal Hill located in the heart of the city, and it is considered one of the old neighborhoods in the city as it dates back to the eighteenth century AD, and the village is most famous for its brightly painted houses.
  • Sea Point, one of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods and directly overlooking the sea.
  • Green Point.


Located in the best university city on the continent’s brown continent, the University of Cape Town ranks 171th in the world according to the QS World University Rankings global ranking of higher education centers.


Citizens in Cape Town use a number of means of transportation, including buses and airplanes through Cape Town International Airport, which transports citizens or travelers on air and foreign flights, and its residents use ships docking on Table Bay, as well as railways with both long and short lines.

the climate

Cape Town is affected by the Mediterranean climate, so the weather in the winter is relatively rainy, but it is warm, and temperatures remain within their annual rates between 16-23 ° C, and it records a rainfall of about 103.7 mm annually.


Cape Town has begun its gates to receive tourists from different parts of the earth, especially after the International Council of Industrial Design Associations in 2014 granted it the title of the capital of international design, as it became the first destination that deserves to visit, and what has increased its tourism importance also has its appropriate climate and picturesque nature. Among the most attractive tourist attractions for tourists are: Table Mountain, Robben Island, Victoria, Alfred and Waterfront.

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