Capitals of the Gulf states

المسافرون العرب


Doha is the capital of the Gulf State of Qatar, which is located on the eastern coast of the peninsula of Qatar in the Arabian Gulf, specifically on a shallow bay dug about five kilometers long inhabited by more than two-fifths of the population of Qatar within the city limits, which was considered as an important local port for a long time, dealing With only small ships, due to marine coral reefs and shallow waters, until the last 1970s after the deep-water port construction was completed.


It is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the few cities in the world that quickly transformed from a small desert village fortified in the seventeenth century to a modern city that includes several million residents in the twentieth century, about 5188286 people according to 2010 statistics living on an area of ​​1550 square kilometers It is one of the thirteen provinces in the Kingdom, located in the Riyadh region on the central parts of the country and the Arabian Peninsula.


It is the capital of the wealthiest state of Bahrain among the capitals of the Arabian Gulf, and the most visited in the Middle East by foreigners from all over the world, due to the unique mix between its ancient traditions and modernity, in addition to the richness that cannot be overlooked, and foreigners are forced to visit it again and again to experience luxury and comfort in A traditional Arab environment.

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Kuwait city

It is the capital of the State of Kuwait, located at 29.37 latitude and longitude 47.98 at an altitude of 16 meters above sea level. Kuwait City is considered the political center of the State of Kuwait, with a constitutional monarchy, in addition to being the main headquarters of the President of the State of Kuwait and the residence of 60064 people.


It is the capital of the Sultanate of Oman overlooking the coast of the Gulf of Oman over a small bay surrounded by volcanic mountains, and connected to the west and south by a special road. The city still has an old standing wall known as the Muscat Wall in addition to some of its gates, and two Portuguese horses overlooking the city, dating back to the sixth century Ten when the Portuguese took control of Muscat and the adjacent coast, but were expelled in 1650, with a commercial center and naval base remaining there.

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Abu Dhabi

It is the capital of the United Arab Emirates located on a small triangular island of the same name, overlooking the coast of the Arabian Gulf and connected to the mainland by a short bridge road, and the city was not considered of great importance, as oil was not exploited, but after oil revenues the emirate managed From development to a modern city with fully developed infrastructure.

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