Caribbean islands

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Caribbean islands

The Caribbean islands are all the islands located in the Caribbean Sea without exception, as statistics indicate that their number exceeds seven thousand islands, varying in terms of their sizes, areas and altitude above the surface of the earth, but they are very popular, given the natural scenery in which they are famous, which They are caught in a mixture of mountain, sea and sky, and the Caribbean islands are called Antilles.

Location and borders

The Caribbean islands are known to be one of the geographic regions located in the northwestern part of the earth, where we find them located in the central region between the North American continent and the South American continent, and thus North America is located on its northern side, and South America is located on its southern side, either Central America or that It is known as Latin America, it is located in the area opposite these islands, where it borders on its western side, while the North Atlantic Ocean borders it on the eastern and northeastern sides as well.

Population and area

According to statistics, the population of the Caribbean islands exceeds forty million, spread over all the islands, whose total area is estimated at about two million seven hundred and fifty four thousand square kilometers, while the actual land area is estimated at two hundred and thirty nine thousand six hundred and eighty one square kilometers.

Caribbean Islands Divisions

The Caribbean islands distributed in the Caribbean are divided into two parts:

  • The Greater Antilles, which has been called by this name, because it is the largest island in this sea, which amounts to about two hundred and seven thousand four hundred and thirty five square kilometers, and also the largest in the population of its inhabitants, where they number thirty seven million five hundred and eighty two thousand and eighty Eighty people, and this number is increasing, and these major islands are: the island of Cuba, the island of Jamaica, the island of Puerto Rico, which is considered to belong to the United States of America, and the island of Hispaniola consisting of Haiti located in the western and Dominican section in the eastern part, and c Visit Cayman, which is attached to the major islands despite its small size.
  • The Lesser Antilles, which has been called by this name, because it constitutes the smallest islands in this sea, which amount to about thirteen thousand and twelve square kilometers, and also the smallest in the population of its inhabitants, where they number three million seven hundred and thirty five thousand six hundred and thirty-six Nesma, and these smaller islands: Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba Island, Dominica Island, Martinique Island, Anguilla Island, Barbedos Island, Netherlands Caribbean Islands, Montserrat Island, British Virgin Islands, American Virgin Islands, Grenada Island, and St. Lo Island Oh, and the island of Trinidad and Tobago, the island of St. Martin, and the island of St. Bartenama, Vincent Island and Jerinaddens, and the island of St Kitts and Nevis.

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