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The archaeological site of Biresa

Byrsa is an ancient archaeological site that includes many ancient, closed, and open archaeological and religious monuments dating back to the Romen era. Perhaps the most important of them is the Temple of Asclepius, which was dedicated to the cult of Jupiter, the god Juno, Minerva, and visitors can, Tourists wander the archaeological site and see its historical monuments.

Romen villas

The Romen Villas are considered one of the most important monuments in Carthage, and they are distinguished by their wonderful architectural design. The floors are decorated with amazing mosaic panels, the ceilings rise on a number of huge columns, and the balcony overlooks the Gulf of Tunis.

Archaeological site of the death

Tofa is the historical, religious, and holy site. It was anciently devoted to the worship of God Baal, and it includes many ancient historical monuments. Visitors and tourists can tour the site, discover archaeological remains, and landmarks that exist, knowing that it has In 1979 the site was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Antonius Baths

Antonine Baths are Romen historical monuments that began to be built during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, and continued until the reign of Emperor Antonius during the second century AD, and in 439 AD, the bathrooms were subjected to vandalism, but the Arabs managed to rebuild them after conquering the city, The site includes a swimming pool, toilets, water channels, bathing lounges and play areas.

Malaga tanks

The Malaga Cisterns (English: La Malga Cisterns) is a group of tanks located within the monuments located in the archaeological site in the Tunisian city of Carthage, and it is one of the important Romen monuments in it. Its construction dates back to the second century AD, knowing that these huge stone tanks were It is filled through a water channel that brings spring water from Zaghouan.

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