1- Al-Siran Highlands: These highlands contain a group of small islands with different colors and very attractive, it is said that these highlands are from the times of the Ainu civilization where the Ionian tribes were using them to repel enemy ships and their scenery is beautiful and wonderful. These highlands were carved by the factors of erosion and wind movements, from the most beautiful Places for fans of adventure ..

2- The Devil’s Bath: From the remains of the Ionian architecture, the very distinctive buildings are distinguished by its large size, bringing the place closer to the sea. People prefer to go to that bath for the purpose of washing and the Turkish bath. This is what distinguishes the bathroom from the rest of the baths of Turkey ..

3- Stone House: This house was built in the fourth century BC after attacking the Persians after attacking the Ionian civilization, as the place has a very distinctive architectural style that fascinates visitors. Visitors and visitors flock from everywhere to see the beautiful ruins of the place.
4- Fuja Castles: The city is characterized by the presence of three castles that surround Fuja from the inside and outside. As for the inner castles of the city, they are called the Five Gate Castles, which were established by the Byzantine ruler named Michael Pallock in 1275 and the Ottomans controlled them in 1455, where they increased the fortresses in them and built 9 watchtowers either. The outer castle, according to historical documents, was established in 1678 in an important and strategic point for the protection of Fuga from the western marine side and also from the eastern side by digging a water tunnel between the castle and the outer borders of the city.
5- Mosques in Medina:

Al-Fatih Mosque: It is located inside the outer castle and was built in 1455 after the opening of Fuga by order of Sultan Al-Fatih Muhammad is the first Ottoman mosque that was established in the Izmir Heritage City.

Kayala Rock Mosque: It is not known exactly when it was built, but the distinctive architecture of the mosque is the Ottoman heritage architecture.
You can enjoy the city in a number of self-loving activities, especially in the summer, including individual and group curving, diving and all water sports appropriate for the summer, as well as visiting these very special tourist places ..
Also, the city of Fuga is characterized by the rest of the cities of Izmir in the manufacture of luxury handmade carpets and you can buy luxury carpets and handmade textiles from them and also it features delicious food, especially of fish on the Turkish way and delicious Turkish food such as kebabs and shawarma and Turkish cooking, Arab living, Turkish bread and very special Turkish Levantine ..

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