Cayman Islands

المسافرون العرب

Cayman Islands

It is a region located in the British overseas seas to the western side of the Caribbean Sea, to the southern side of Cuba, to the northwestern side of Jamaica, and to the east of Quintana, Mexico and Yucatan, and its total area reaches 264 square kilometers, and lives on it more
From 60 thousand people. From the Cayman Islands:

  • Grand Cayman: is the largest of the Cayman Islands, and contains the city of Georgetown, which is the capital of the region, and is located 121 kilometers to the southwest corner of Little Cayman.
  • Cayman Brac: It is the second largest of the Cayman Islands, and is located 145 kilometers to the northeast of the Grand Island, and contains many attractions such as diving, fishing and rock climbing areas.
  • Grand Cayman: It is the smallest of the Territory’s islands, and despite that it is the center of the Heritage and Exposition Festival held every week by pirates on its soil, with Mardi Gras annual celebrations.

brief history

The island has been uninhabited by the population since the seventeenth century, and after that it became one of the ambitions resorted to by pirates, deserters from the Spanish Inquisition, sailors of drowning, and deserters from the army of Alver Cromwell, and in 1670 AD the islands were ruled by the British and Jamaica at the Treaty of Madrid.

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the climate

The islands are affected by the tropical marine climate; the winter season extends from May to October, while the summer season characterized by drought and relative heat extends from November to April, and the islands are affected by tropical cyclones that are formed during the hurricane season from June to November, On September 11 and 12, 2004, these hurricanes caused a hurricane known as Ivan, which resulted in the death of two people, and injured many. Evan also caused infrastructure damage, as it affected the overall economy of the islands with losses amounting to US $ 3.4 billion.


Islanders live the highest standards of living in the Caribbean, with an average per capita income of 47 thousand Cayman dollars, and the most important characteristic of the government is that it does not place a direct tax on income, capital gains, and companies, except for a tax on import that ranges from 5 % To 22% for goods imported to the islands.

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The island relies primarily on its economy on the tourism sector, because the island contains a large group of tourist attractions in the presence of high-level hotel services and resorts with distinguished services, and the most prominent of these sites are; St. James Castle, and the beaches.

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