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Cheap tourism

There are many picturesque tourist areas in the world, and each place has its own aesthetic, but the first thing that attracts the tourist after the beauty of the place is the cost that he will pay throughout his stay in the place he intends to travel to, and this depends on the variation of currency rates in the world, some of which are expensive The price, and some of them are very cheap compared to other places that are no less important in terms of the beauty of nature and the moderation of the climate for those areas that are very expensive, and in this article we will mention the cheapest countries and tourist places in the world.

Cheap tourist states


Malaysia is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world because of its nature and its mild climate, so we find in it the tropical atmosphere, the picturesque beaches and the quiet islands that suit all tastes in nature, so it is an attraction for millions of tourists from different parts of the world.

Malaysia is considered a tourist country with low costs despite the luxury and diversity of the tourist places in it, it has many tourist attractions that the tourist can choose the appropriate place for him to enjoy a beautiful and quiet vacation, at an appropriate cost, and among the most prominent tourist places in which the stay per person per person does not exceed two hundred dollars for a period a week:

  • The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur: It is the largest tourist tower in the world in terms of total area, as it contains eighty eight residential floors in each of them, in addition to five ground floors, which includes seating halls designed in a wonderful engineering way.
  • Sun Market: which includes shops, and a large group of international restaurants that cater to the tastes and desires of tourists.
  • Penang Island Malaysia.
  • Malaysia Aquatic Islands.
  • Arab Street in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Picturesque Kuala Lumpur Gardens.
  • Genting Highlands.

Laos country

Laos is one of the most beautiful and neighboring areas of Thailand, but what distinguishes it from it is the asceticism of the cost of staying in it, where tourists can reside in luxury hotels, at a cost of no more than ten dollars per day, with local meals not exceeding their value For only two dollars.


Many tourists prefer to travel to Europe, but the matter is different in Hungary, spending a whole week in it does not cost the tourist more than a hundred dollars, in addition to staying in huge five-star hotels at a cost of no more than twenty dollars per day, with a free meal.

Cheap tourist places

Phuket Island in Thailand

This island is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, distinguished by its picturesque nature and suitable atmosphere. It is suitable for spending a honeymoon for new couples, away from the hustle and bustle of cities, in tourist resorts that are very organized and beautiful.

The cost of residence on Phuket Island per person is one hundred and seventy-one dollars, and the price of meals ranges between twenty-five to thirty dollars per person, the resort offers a free meal within the residence fee, and if the tourist likes to move from one place to another, a taxi ride costs him only two dollars And to any destination within the region in which the tourist resides.

The city of San Paolo in Brazil

It is one of the largest cities in Brazil, and the fourth largest city in the world, is an advanced industrial center, and is famous for many products and industries, such as: textiles, furnishings, and electric power generation, and the cost of residence per person is one hundred and sixty-eight dollars per person. The cost of transportation within São Paulo in a taxi is about three dollars and eighteen cents, while the cost of meals ranges between twenty-five to thirty dollars, depending on the restaurant and the type of meal required.


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