There are cheap hotels in Jeddah that you will never regret choosing to stay in while you are in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, especially if you want to save in the best possible way in the costs of your stay while visiting the city. Instead of looking at length for cheap hotels in Jeddah, we offer you in travelers Arabs are the best of these hotels in terms of quality and prices, and you can book them without hesitation.

Six cheap hotels in Jeddah are the best ever

Diwan Al Aseel Hotel

Diwan Al Aseel Hotel is located in Jeddah, a ten minute drive from King Abdulaziz International Airport and seven kilometers from Jeddah Corniche, and it is one of the six best cheap hotels in Jeddah that we highly recommend to you in this article. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and an outdoor pool A distinctive restaurant and a free transfer service to and from the airport is also available, while the hotel rooms are equipped with the best and latest means and capabilities in order to ensure the complete comfort of the guests and to achieve their level of expectations; they can also visit the nearby attractions such as Jeddah Islamic Port and the Tayyibat City Museum of International Civilization and Fountain King Fahd and many other landmarks. To book this hotel on Bukittingh site: Click here.Diwan Al Aseel HotelDiwan Al Aseel HotelDiwan Al Aseel HotelDiwan Al Aseel Hotel

Praha Hotel Jeddah

Praha Hotel is located in Jeddah, in the Al-Bawadi neighborhood, in Al-Khatib Al-Tabrizi Street specifically, the mall is 3.9 km from Sultan Mall and four km from Jeddah International Exhibition Center; and ten kilometers from Stars Avenue Mall and Mall of Arabia. An hour and room service also does not stop working and a meeting room, and free Wi-Fi and free parking are available; in addition to that, laundry facilities are available. All services and facilities are provided in the rooms that provide guests with the utmost comfort and enjoy the utmost care for their satisfaction. You can contact him on the phone: 012 662 2685, and for more: click here.Praha Hotel JeddahPraha Hotel JeddahPraha Hotel JeddahPraha Hotel Jeddah

Nafoura Al Hamra Hotel

The Nafoura Al Hamra Hotel is located in Al Khalid River Street in Jeddah, three kilometers from the Central Fish Market; 10 kilometers from Al Alawi Market and Jeddah Mall. The hotel has a restaurant in addition to a fitness center open to all visitors and guests and a cafeteria; free Wi-Fi and free parking are available There is a spa, meeting room and dry cleaning services, all at excellent prices, it is also one of the best cheap in Jeddah, we recommend it for you to stay with during your visit to Jeddah. As for the rooms, they are equipped and developed with the latest comfortable means and facilities such as living rooms, kitchens and other tools and facilities. G This hotel is in the Bukking site: click here.Nafoura Al Hamra HotelNafoura Al Hamra HotelNafoura Al Hamra HotelNafoura Al Hamra Hotel

La Fontaine Janesta Suites

La Fontaine Gnesta Suites Hotel is located on Umm Al-Qura Street in Jeddah and is one of the high-end low-priced hotels that you will find in Jeddah; it is about fifteen kilometers from the Saudi Center for Fine Arts, Jeddah Mall and the Jeddah International Exhibition Center, which is close to other tourist attractions. They are refined, with great decor and very comfortable facilities, for the convenience of the guests
Fitness and many other amenities. To book this hotel on the Hotel website: click here.La Fontaine Janesta SuitesLa Fontaine Janesta SuitesLa Fontaine Janesta SuitesLa Fontaine Janesta Suites

Tafwij Hotel

Tafeej Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Jeddah, but its prices are excellent, cheap and not overrated, and it is close by
From the city center and it has all the amenities you are looking for. The office has a front desk and room service that works 24 hours a day, and you can also make all your reservations
Through the hotel, you can book your flights through it. The hotel is equipped with the latest means and capabilities, given that it is among the most recent hotels that were recently established, and certainly there is a service
Free Wi-Fi and parking as well as the very comfortable facilities in each room that will not make the stay
It is difficult for you in any way. To book this hotel in Bukittingh site, click here.Tafwij HotelTafwij Hotel

Diouf Al Safwa Hotel

The Diouf Hotel is located in Isa Al Adawi Street, Jeddah, and it is close to many sights and landmarks
Tourist attractions and central markets that attract many tourists from all over the Kingdom. The hotel has a restaurant and a fitness center. A free breakfast buffet is served every day to guests and free Wi-Fi.
And free parking, all at unbeatable prices, as it is one of the six best cheap hotels in Jeddah that we can offer you
In this article, the quality and capabilities are more than excellent. To book this hotel on Bukking site: click here.Diouf Al Safwa HotelDiouf Al Safwa HotelDiouf Al Safwa HotelDiouf Al Safwa Hotel

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