Cheap markets in Al Ain (UAE region) .. Al Ain has the advantage of including a large group of historical popular markets that offer goods at prices that suit all budgets, and Arab travelers give you your guide to access these markets.

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Cheap markets in Al Ain (UAE)

Learn about … the cheapest market in Al Ain.

Al Ain Old Market.

Al Ain Old Market.– Al Ain Old Market..Al Ain Market is considered one of the most famous and oldest popular markets in Al Ain and it is a true embodiment of the ancient history of the Emirates, and it is one of the most important factors attracting tourists to the Emirates and provides all the needs of the people of agricultural and commercial materials in addition to the finest types of fresh vegetables and delicious fruit fruits alongside Agricultural equipment and livestock raising equipment. The market is also famous for selling birds of all kinds, fresh fish, grains, dates, and margarine. The market is packed with a large number of vendors and handicrafts, so you will find the most beautiful handicrafts and leather goods such as a And the market of Al Ain occupies a great tourist and historical place and its history dates back to the forties of the last century, by order of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and in the past sellers were spread in an area close to the complex of oases and the castle square, and they sell their goods at very low prices and were The products vary between local and imported from India and Dubai, and the movement of buying and selling continues throughout the day, and the market is distinguished by its wonderful heritage site in the center of Al Ain city near the monuments and brings together local and popular products at discounted prices so it is the perfect choice for the people of Al Ain, and Sellers there allowed you to negotiate prices and get the price that best suits the value of your savings, and the market occupies a large archaeological and touristic position due to its proximity to the National Museum and the Castle Square in addition to the oases of palm trees and falajs, as well as close to the public transport bus station. Women occupy a large role in the Al Ain market where They brush their merchandise early in the morning and are interested in selling all people’s supplies of folk clothes, henna, along with the finest types of honey, grains, and herbs, and all supplies for housewives, such as utensils and tools for the kitchen, in addition to food commodities such as news, tortillas, mash and candy, and the most beautiful scents of perfume, how much They are not known for selling Tele and Sadu at reasonable prices. Tourists are keen to go to Al Ain market to get the pleasure of shopping and hiking together, so they enjoy wandering between the monuments there and the buildings included in the market and are an embodiment of Emirati heritage history and this market is a suitable place to capture the most beautiful memorial photos accompanied by the places and attractions it includes. Read also: Cheap markets In Ajman

Za`farana Market … the cheapest market in Al Ain.

Za`farana Market ... the cheapest market in Al Ain.
– Al-Zafarana Market … the cheapest market in Al Ain..and the Zafarana Market can be considered a great architectural masterpiece that attracts tourists to it because it is one of the largest modern markets in the Al Ain region and through it you discover the Emirati culture, customs and traditions associated with the Emirati people, and it is the place to buy the most beautiful beautiful abayas, along with men’s robes And the finest types of incense and spices, henna and cosmetic accessories for women, and the market is characterized by the quality of its products and the ability to negotiate prices and opens its doors to customers from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon, and returns to work from eight o’clock Worsened until midnight.

The Central Market is one of the oldest popular markets in Al Ain.

The Central Market is one of the oldest popular markets in Al Ain.The central market is one of the oldest popular markets in Al Ain .. The central market occupies a great place in the hearts of residents and tourists thanks to the fact that it includes various local products and modern clothes at very reasonable prices. It is also considered one of the most important archaeological and historical monuments of the city of Al Ain, and going to it is for a purpose Shopping and hiking together, the market retains its original heritage character and includes many air-conditioned markets that make touring a pleasure in itself.

Al Muwaiji Market.

Al Muwaiji Market.– Al Muwaiji Market..It is one of the most important modern markets that includes international and local brands and is admired by tourists and witnesses great crowds throughout the day, and it has a distinct group of stores that offer modern clothes and all products at prices that suit different budgets and among the most famous stores that the Al Muwaiji Market includes: Choithram ”and“ ShoeMart ”in addition to“ Baby Shop ”The market also includes a bakery that offers the finest breads, a store specializing in selling children’s supplies from clothes and beds to the new baby besides the best toys and a specialized store selling fresh meat. Read also: Family-friendly venues in Dubai

Sagittarius Market

Sagittarius Market– Al Qaws Market, which is one of the most popular and crowded markets and occupies a great place near the famous “Bawadi Mall” center in Al Ain. The market includes a group of stores and stores that offer all life supplies beside exchange offices and travel agencies, and all stores retain the wonderful heritage character that reflects the splendor of architecture in a country UAE, and the market contains more than 40 service outlets, dozens of exchange offices and the rest of the service centers for the people of Al Ain, including banks and travel agencies.

– Al-Bawadi Market ..

- Al-Bawadi Market ..– Al-Bawadi Market..and it is located near the Sagittarius market and occupies a great tourist position and importance because it is connected to the center of “Bawadi Mall” and next to its commercial importance it occupies a great historical position and maintains the heritage character and includes more than 50 stores characterized by the original architectural character and is interested in selling various consumer goods beside the most beautiful traditional souvenirs .

– Hili Permanent People’s Market ..

- Hili Permanent People's Market ..– The popular popular Hili Market..It is suitable for families and children are impressed by its occurrence in the city of Hili games, which has earned it a very large tourist position as this city is one of the most important tourist destinations in Al Ain, and the market includes all products from clothes, shoes and bags at low prices that suit all budgets and open its doors From four in the afternoon until ten in the evening.

– Al Ain Central New Market for Livestock and Poultry.

- Al Ain Central New Market for Livestock and Poultry.– Al Ain new central market for livestock and poultry..It is famous for selling all livestock supplies and selling various types of feed and includes a large number of sheds that reach more than 300 sheds and was built according to international standards that take into account the necessary conditions for hygiene as the slaughtering operations are supervised and depend on the latest tools And healthy ways to slaughter livestock, and tourists and locals prefer to choose the slaughtered animals from the central market during holidays and occasions, thanks to its keenness to use the latest technology in slaughtering, cutting and packaging meat in a healthy and proper way. Besides cattle, the central market includes a large number of offices and facilities that provide Public services for citizens besides providing a large number of veterinary clinics and shops selling various consumer goods for citizens and their number reaches more than 200 facilities aiming to serve the citizen only, and you find there the best prices in shops selling fodder and agricultural seedlings, as the market includes about 70 stores that provide all supplies for daily life The central market retains an authentic architectural character and embodies the ancient heritage of artistic architecture in the Emirates, and the market provides free parking for up to 3500 parking spaces, making the market the first front for tourists to get the pleasure of shopping and hiking together thanks to the market’s dedication to a large tourist center designed to The highest level for selling various tools, consumer goods and modern clothes at prices that suit all budgets along with the most beautiful forms of handicrafts and valuable souvenirs. The center also organizes inspection tours for tourists to get to know the ancient architectural heritage of the Emirates, which embodies the buildings and walls of the market, thus going to the central market with a view to shopping, fun and luxury.

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