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The city of Khobar is located in the east of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the border with Bahrain, and it is characterized by being a major marine and commercial tourist front for many available markets and commercial malls. Today, we will address in a “relaying” location the best cheap markets in Khobar.

Al Swaiket Market:

Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them - Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them!Some of the shops spread along the Al Suwikt Market Suikt Street “Prince Bandar Bin Abdulaziz Street” is one of the most famous commercial attractions in the eastern region, which includes among its flanks Al Suwikt Market, which is one of the most popular markets, the market starts its activity early from eight in the morning as it is crowded with shoppers from the region Or visitors who are looking for what they want in more than 50 stores, between perfume shops, gold, clothing for women, children, men, gowns and many other varied goods that combine the past and the present, which gives it an advantage and a special luster that makes shoppers flock to. Market Suwaiket Z a cheaper market in Al-Khobar, which is characterized by his goods to prices moderate, quality and diversity so loves shopping where visitors buy gifts Menh.aqro also: for the best tourist places in Al Khobar

Thuqbah market:

1581225972 768 Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them - Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them!Al Thuqbah market Thuqbah neighborhood includes one of the best cheap markets in the news, which is the Thuqbah market, which is an open market that allows its visitors to shop in the open air and includes a variety of stores that offer a variety of high quality goods at low prices, the market includes Rabigh Street which is located along dozens of stores Jewelry, jewelery, gold jewelery, and another street branching from it, which includes shops selling traditional Saudi costume, women’s clothing, and children’s clothes, in addition to shops selling vegetables, fruits, and dates. The market includes another street selling household utensils, bridal supplies, and shops that sell oriental sweets, not only that but extending Thuqbah market is the cheapest market in Al-Khobar, the other way from 15th Street, where there are a number of stores for shoes, carpets, blankets, upholstery, and women’s and children’s clothes. Given that the market includes a diverse number and multiple options of goods at low prices, it is one of the best shopping and shopping places for the family.

Al Khobar Plaza Complex:

1581225972 695 Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them - Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them!Al Khobar Plaza Complex and a variety of storesIt is considered one of the important and famous commercial centers in Al Khobar and is located in Al Swaiket Street, Al Khobar Plaza Complex consists of one of the two cheap markets in Al Khobar with a number of stores that suit all tastes, once you enter the complex you will find a wonderful water fountain and some kiosks to sell Candy, spinning girls, and popcorn, you will feel as if you are on a fun trip, not just shopping. Al Khobar complex includes watch shops such as “Swatch Store, Badgesh Store”, furniture stores, and other stores that sell women’s clothes, children’s clothing, and other items that sell household utensils, kitchen appliances, and bags that sell bags. Shoes, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, you will simply find everything you need in one place with moderate and suitable prices and premium products. Read also: Cheap hotels in Al Khobar .. 6 hotels where services are the best and prices are minimal

Al Jawhara Market:

1581225972 416 Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them - Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them!The luxury of the entrance to Al-Jawhara Market is one of the most prominent shopping malls in Al-Khobar, which combines moderate and high prices to suit all tastes, Al-Jawhara Market is characterized by its easy location, it is located on the path of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and around it many tourist and marketing places, making it a destination frequented by thousands of residents of the Kingdom as well as tourists, The jewel market, one of the cheap markets in Al-Khobar, consists of two floors, the first floor includes approximately 95 exhibitions of clothes, shoes and household utensils. It also contains many stores that offer the latest merchandise and electronic devices. This complex is famous for its excellence in the field of electronic It’s all kinds. Enjoy with your family the dining experience after shopping in the best restaurants for families for families

The popular women market:

1581225972 25 Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them - Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them!A distinguished group of products of a seller in the stores of the new women market. The popular women market is considered one of the old markets in the news and its beginning was a simple market that brings together some women to sell simple and traditional handmade products such as popular clothes for women and children, prayer rugs, swimming, henna, musk, incense, perfumes, traditional cosmetics and gowns And other simple products, then in 2011 the municipality of Al-Khobar modernized and developed the market by constructing a building on an area of ​​600 meters that includes about 37 small female shops distributed on two floors in addition to offices for administration and supervision, and the new market is characterized by Color air conditioner contains water and serous courses for women, the popular women’s market in a cheap market news by many of the unique and distinctive products being hand-made is also characterized by cheap price levels also Almnasph.aqro: entertainment places in Al Khobar and Dammam

Sable Readymade Center:

1581225972 277 Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them - Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them!A variety of children’s clothing in the Sablik Center, located on Prince Hammoud Street and is considered one of the best cheap markets in Khobar, which offers great discounts, goods and products of high quality. The center includes a variety of women’s clothing, children’s clothing, evening dresses, women’s shoes, travel bags, women’s bags and children’s shoes, which makes it An excellent option for buying family clothes in one place at moderate and affordable prices.

Taba Commercial Complex:

1581225972 728 Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them - Cheap markets in the news .. get to know them!Taba Center has everything the family needs in one placeAll you need for the family is found under one roof and at the best prices, quality and raw materials in Taba Mall on Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Road in the city of Khobar, Taba Mall includes one of the cheapest markets in the news a diverse, unique and wide variety of clothes Children, women and men clothes, as well as newborn clothes, in addition to a variety of shoes and a special section for furnishings and bags, all at low prices to suit all visitors.


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