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A guide to the most famous cheap shopping places in Istanbul, where Istanbul is famous as one of the most prominent global destinations, as it is ideal for all ages and tastes, as those looking for modern life and those who love history and love food gourmets love them, as well as shopping lovers, as this great city has a large group of Commercial malls and traditional markets, they are famous because they include more than two hundred markets throughout the city, as it is interested in providing large groups of cheap and good quality goods, such as handicrafts, fruits and vegetables, leather goods, textiles, clothing and products Made of copper. Here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

Istanbul markets:

Istanbul is famous for being one of the most ideal destinations for shopping lovers, as it is famous for shopping and the fun time that tourists can spend in modern commercial centers in Istanbul, which is very popular with visitors in Turkey, because it provides visitors with the pleasure of shopping with modernity as well as it guarantees to the best international brands Besides, Istanbul contains many popular and old markets that include different types of products, goods and goods at very cheap prices.

The cheapest places to shop in Istanbul:

Al-Fateh Bazaar:

It is considered one of the cheapest shopping places in the Turkish capital, and this market is located in the historic Al-Fateh area, and it is known as the Wednesday market and it includes a large variety of traditional Turkish clothes, besides it contains household appliances, vegetables and fruits, and the number of shops in the market is 2500 stores, along with a lot Of the stalls and street vendors that fill the streets in the market, Al Fateh market extends to seven main streets and many old alleys, and this market is characterized by the ease of obtaining all products from it and at very cheap prices.

Mahmoud Pasha Market:

This market is located close to the Egyptian spice market and is one of the cheapest and best popular markets in Istanbul, as it has all the products including accessories, local clothes, electrical appliances and household items at cheap prices to suit everyone.

Osman Bey Istanbul markets:

This market is located in Sisli, close to Taksim Square, and this market is famous for its shops that sell a variety of all modern products such as souvenirs, clothes, household items and perfumes. In the event of obtaining better prices, it is recommended to buy from the side streets that are in the market, where the prices are Better and much smaller than the shops on the main streets.

Spice Market:

This market dates back to the establishment of the 17th century and is considered the second largest traditional market in Istanbul, and it is one of the places that many tourists visit in search of the most beautiful souvenirs at the cheapest prices, in which all food products are sold from nuts, spices, dried fruits, Turkish sweets, oils and others.

Jewels Mall:

It is one of the best shopping places in the city, as it is very widely known that it is one of the cheapest markets there, and despite that it is still characterized by the quality of its products, which many of which are international brands, and the number of stores in it is 289 stores, as for its floors, it is six floors, and there are Many recreational places such as theaters, cafes, cinemas and restaurants.

The Grand Bazaar:

It is known as the Covered Market, and it is considered one of the largest and oldest popular markets in Istanbul since its establishment dates back to the year 1461 AD, as the market age is more than six centuries, this market has become at the present time one of the largest covered markets in the world, and the large market is considered a destination The first tourist in Turkey, where the number of shops in which more than 5000 stores distributed over 60 sub-roofed streets, where the market contains six doors, the shops in this market are interested in providing a variety of goods that everyone needs from textiles, accessories, pottery, spices, souvenirs, carpets Turkish hand-made clothes and products Made of copper, and there are a number of places to sit for tea or coffee.

Arasta Market:

It is known as the Sibahi Market and this market is busy selling handicrafts at very reasonable and cheap prices and it is one of the most popular markets in Istanbul, and Arasta Market is located in the northern area of ​​Torun Street behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and the market includes more than 70 shops and dates back to the Ottoman era where it was done Selling supplies for cavalry soldiers.

Al-Nahhasin Market:

It is considered one of the most popular markets in the city, and it was named after the copper market because it is specialized in selling handicrafts from copper products. The market is located in Beyazit and is considered one of the historical markets that attract tourists to buy souvenirs made by hand which leave an impression on the ancient Turkish culture.


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