Chiang Mai, the North Rose, one of the most beautiful tourist cities in northern Thailand, is famous for its picturesque nature and the many colorful roses in it and its ancient history and is frequented by tourists constantly to enjoy its tranquility and escape from the noise of Bangkok, so the site of Arab travelers provides you with a list of the best Resorts Chiangmai you know now. Learn also the most important tips Traveling to Thailand

The best Resorts of Chiangmai

Lanna Boutique Resort

Chiang Mai ResortsEnjoy the sunshine in the outdoor pool at Lana Boutique Resort Lana Boutique Resort provides the best Chiang Mai resorts distinct rooms with pure Thai style with an outdoor pool in addition to a fitness room and a sauna for more comfort and well-being for visitors, the resort is only 10 minutes walk from Sunan Market The famous “thanin” so this place is suitable for those who like to stay up late, shopping and nightlife. Prices start here from $ 24. For more information and reservations from the website, click here

Baan Saen Fang Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai ResortsOne of the beautiful Resorts Chiangmai, one of the most beautiful Chiangmai resorts, which includes a private garden to enjoy the charming nature and an outdoor pool. The air-conditioned rooms provide a safety deposit box for a varied and delicious Irish breakfast. From the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and its tapestry gate, also for lovers of tourist attractions, the Nawarat Bridge is 700 meters away, so it is a great choice for guests, especially since it offers much more benefits than they pay. Prices start here from $ 90. Activities that you can Do them in Thailand

Horizon Village and Resort

Chiang Mai ResortsEnjoy the beauty of the charming nature in Horizon Resort, for those who love tranquility and those who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Horizon Resort and Village represents the most beautiful resort of Chiangmai, a wonderful haven especially because it has a zoo attached to it, you can enjoy it. Entry to the Twicel Botanical Garden is free to enjoy the beauty of the unique plants, and one of the most important features of this resort is that it offers a varied and distinct menu of healthy meals using organically grown vegetables. Prices start here from $ 49 for more information and reservations from Facebook Linge click here

Zensala Riverpark

Chiang Mai ResortsEnjoy the unique view of the Zensala Riverpark Resort, enjoy the stay on the banks of the Ping River, where the rooms come with distinct and modern furnishings and windows with panoramic views of the river, and there is an outdoor swimming pool so that you can enjoy the water with sunshine, and the resort provides distinguished services, including free transportation towards the Tapia Gate and The Flow Restaurant, which offers Delicious and distinctive assortment of the most beautiful italyn and Thai cakes and a distinct selection of wines all of that in addition to the friendly staff who work all day to meet the needs of the guests. Prices start here from 64 $ for more information and reservations from the site Poking Click Here Don’t Miss Tourism In Kushang Island

Phutarntree Resort

Chiang Mai ResortsPhutarntree Resort – this resort is one of the most beautiful Chiangmai resorts especially for nature and green lovers where you can see trees and green plants everywhere around you, the resort is equipped with care, all rooms are air-conditioned and have a flat screen and free Wi-Fi service and the resort offers a varied daily breakfast between continental and breakfast American, Chiang Mai Zoo is located 11 km from the resort where you can easily reach it by car. Prices start here from 78 $ For more information and reservations from the Bukking website click here

BB Mantra Boutique and Budget Resort

Chiang Mai ResortsA 24-hour front desk to serve you in the BB Mantra Boutique and Budget Resort, just 1 km from Tapia Gate is located one of the best resorts of Shangmai. The resort provides air-conditioned rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk and a tour desk that arranges for you It organizes your tours for the most important and most beautiful archeological and tourist areas at the best prices, you can enjoy an experience of delicious Thai dishes in the restaurant in the resort, and for lovers of culture and heritage, Wat Chedy Luang Temple is located only 1.5 km from the resort, this resort is a special place, especially it offers more advantages for a price E. Prices start from $ 35. For more information and reservations, please click here

Lanna Resort

Chiang Mai ResortsEnjoy the most beautiful views and stunning landscapes from your room at Lana Resort ResortLana Resort is located along the Sothep Boy mountain range, for lovers of excellence, enjoy the experience of staying in rooms made of teak wood that come with air conditioning and are characterized by its traditional Thai décor, elevated floor comfort, and a mix of relaxation. With a relaxing Thai massage for the nerves in the resort for free in addition to delicious and tasty meals from the restaurant on the site. Prices start here from $ 58 For more information and reservations from the website, click here

Ruen Come In Resort

Chiang Mai ResortsEnjoy staying at the impressive Rouen Kum Resort when modern designs and traditional Thai décor meet with distinctive wooden houses, the result is Ruwen Kum Inn Resort, one of the most beautiful and beautiful dazzling Chiangmai resorts, starting from the privileged location amidst green trees, charming nature and being only 5 minutes away from Wat Good Yod The Chiang Mai National Museum. The restaurant in the resort is also famous for its local specialties and a very special service, which is Thai cooking lessons that guests can obtain during their stay at the resort by adding a 24-hour front desk and a tour desk. The price here of $ 58 For more information and booking site Buquenj Click here

Lana Dossita Riverside Boutique Resort by Andakura

Chiang Mai ResortsLana Dossita Riverside Boutique Resort by AndakuraLana Dossita Resort is located on the banks of the Ping River, where you can choose between rooms that overlook the garden or the river, and all rooms come with a private bathroom equipped with all luxuries, TV, minibar, and coffee and tea maker, in addition to an outdoor pool where guests can relax by And enjoy the sunshine or massages. The resort also provides airport transfer service, and it also provides a free two-time transfer service to downtown Shamghami, which is only 20 minutes by car from the resort. Prices start here from $ 44. For more information and reservations from the Bukking website, click here. We also know about the tourists. Of the Koh Samui

Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort – A Vegetinine Retreat

Chiang Mai ResortsOne of the double rooms with access to the swimming pool at the Away Chiang Mai Thapa Resort, in the heart of Chiang Mai, where this wonderful resort is located in the city center, near many temples and tourist attractions that you can visit with ease. The hotel consists of 39 rooms that bring you classic style on the taste and art of the twentieth century and all The rooms are air-conditioned, you can enjoy delicious Thai meals and organic and vegan food in the resort’s restaurant with a special bar special for detoxification. Prices start here from $ 123 For more information and hotel reservation from the Bukking website click here

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