You might think London is not a child friendly destination. But it’s a largely misconception. You might think it is an expensive destination, but you are wrong again. London has many family destinations, child-friendly. Many can be enjoyed at low prices, or for free if you are planning a family vacation to London. Here are the best entertainment places for children in London.

Entertainment places for children in London

Kew Park

Kew Park is one of the entertainment places for children in London. This park is suitable for children under the age of seventeen. Where they can enjoy playing.Outdoor, amidst pleasant, charming landscapes.Enjoy walking around the Tree Top Road. Nestled among tall trees, which provides a lot of excitement to children, all without paying a single cent of your budget.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is famous for its dinosaur fossils. There is a lot of fun, excitement and fun in this museum. Head to the Darwin Center, where a number of scientists can be seen, working on their research. Animal fossils and plants can be enjoyed alongside the discovered treasures. In the Science Center for Inquiry, which is preferred For children, adults alike.

Science Museum

The Science Museum is one of the three largest museums in South Kingston. The museum is suitable for young children; they can learn about various sciences, in a fun, entertaining way. Children from three to six years old can enjoy a garden located in the museum's basement, where sensory water games, building materials Entertaining. Children from five to eight years old enjoy the Pattern Bud area, where they make various shapes and patterns. Next to the Neshabad Gallery, which holds many activities daily. Older children can enjoy the iMax cinema, which offers various shows.

Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs is one of the best entertainment places for children in London. Your children will be amazed to see these amazing sculptures. They can take pictures and learn accurate information about these creatures. Through films, documentaries, and records that are displayed. The park includes a café, playground, museum, and farm. You can also enjoy a boat tour of the lake, or a view of the entire park, by touring the cart.

Harry Potter movie location

Whoever doesn't know the famous Harry Potter movie, one of the favorite movies for adults, and children alike. Your children will be excited about that destination, where they can get to know one of their most loved films.

Come modern

Tate Modern is one of the entertainment places for children in London. It is considered an enthusiastic and entertaining destination for children and adults alike. Tate Modern is not considered a quiet place. So children can behave as they are. The place has a lot of space, so children will feel fun. There are many activities, games and games that children and adults enjoy. Don't forget to climb to the T4 floor, where you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Thames River from the balcony.

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