Hong Kong is one of the most child-friendly tourist destinations around the world, providing a vast and easy transportation system, so children avoid congestion and fatigue. This is in addition to the diversity of tourist destinations and activities that fill every corner of the city. Going to the markets is a special pleasure where; children are dazzled In colors, scents, and different foods, the city has many destinations such as museums, parks, markets, and other fun child-friendly destinations.

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Here’s a tour of the best child attractions in Hong Kong


The HillReservice is one of the best places for children in Hong Kong to be considered as the city’s only air tourism center, offering four different tours. The first flights fly over Hong Kong Island, focusing on Victoria Harbor. The journey lasts for fifteen minutes, and the flights flying over the island will last for a longer time, as both Stanley and Aberdeen pass the beaches and bays in the south of the island. Trips north of the island last for half an hour, so they fly over the mountains away from the modern part of the city, and finally the flying flights of Geopark above; The eastern part includes Sai Kong Country Park and Guipark.Read also: Popular markets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum of History

An educational destination for your children to learn about the development taking place in that city, by taking a look at its past, which places it among the best places for children in Hong Kong. Chinese history has gone through many fluctuations during the past three millennia, and this is what the museum is interested in. It holds several exhibitions that shed light on the history of the city during that period. Beginning from the Neolithic period, to the present day, images that highlight the change that occurred in some areas of the city, in addition to the old entertainment appearances that filled the streets of Hong Kong from the most important attractions in the museum. It also gives a glimpse of the clans and ethnic groups that lived in the area. The most important highlight of the museum is Hong Kong’s centuries-old rule of China, and it was not subject to the authority of the British Kingdom until the mid-nineteenth century.
Hong Kong Museum of History

Sai Kung Country Park

Sai Kong Country Park is one of the most important natural features in Hong Kong, after the huge architectural development taking place in the city. It’s like a nature reserve near the waterfront, with many hiking paths, and some educational centers. You can rent a small boat to see the entire small town of Sai Kong by the sea, which creates a wonderful view for children to enjoy. You can also have a seafood meal with children, residents The city highly recommends this.
After this is done, children can be taken to one of the Tai Long Wan beaches located on the east bank of the park, which is a great place for hiking and having a good time.Sai Kung Country Park Read also: Hong Kong’s free tourist places

Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak is a mountain that reaches a height of five hundred fifty two meters, and is one of the best tourist places for children in Hong Kong, where they are allowed, to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from this height. Visitors can buy some souvenirs, and take several photos. It also houses a restaurant, and a museum of Chinese celebrities like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. You can see skyscrapers pierce the sky, with the picturesque Victoria Harbor. In addition to the islands that fill the southern part of the city, the summit can be reached through several types of transportation, the most famous of which is the tram.Victoria Peak

Star Ferry

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for children in Hong Kong, and one of the attractions that attract tourists and locals alike. It is a twenty-minute boat tour that is around a hundred and fifteen years old. This tour introduces you to the city’s ancient system of life, which was calm, happy, and avoided pressure. Children can watch the crowd and speed of the city from afar. While taking a tour in Star Free.Star Ferry

Hong Kong Disneyland

You cannot leave the city without going to Hong Kong’s best children’s attractions. You have to devote a whole day to that wonderful face, in order for children to be able to play and have fun. It includes seven different divisions, with two worlds that cannot be found with any other Disneyland; Mystic Point, and Grizzly Guch. The first is a Victorian castle, owned by Lord Henry Mystic, with the latest game added. The second is a traditional story specially designed for Hong Kong.Hong Kong Disneyland Read also: Cheap markets in Shanghai …

Ladies Market

The ladies market is held every night on Cheng Choi Street, and it is considered one of the most famous markets in Hong Kong, and it occupies three neighborhoods, full of hundreds of stalls selling various products. Like clothes, shoes, accessories, and souvenirs. A fun destination for children where they can learn about the popular culture of the city, and enjoy shopping with prices starting from five dollars. It is possible to go to the market starting at seven in the evening, to avoid pressure and heavy crowds.Ladies Market

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