Entertainment venues in Bethlehem vary between golf clubs, safari destinations, play and drawing places, celebration venues and more.

Children’s entertainment venues in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania .. a mixture of fun and education

Paint on Main

An independent drawing studio, allowing young children and the whole family to have fun, and show their creativity through free drawing. This does not require any professional training, or children can play in color and enjoy without any pressure. Many parties are also held, such as birthdays, girls ’parties, and family parties as well. Address: 217 Main Street, Emaus, BA 18049 Phone number: 484- 838-7757Paint on Main

Steel Stacks

One of the recreational places for children in Bethlehem, Palestine is a camp that extends for ten acres, and holds many interesting activities that vary between arts, culture, concerts, seminars, and others. , And annual recreational activity. Address: 101 Funders Way, Bethlehem, PA 18015 Phone Number: 610-332-1300Steel Stacks

Lost River Caverns

It is a natural limestone caves, comprising five rooms. Children can enjoy a safari-like tour, to learn about limestone deposits, stalagmites, and calcifications, as well as a rock and metal museum. There is also a chapel, which has charming old reliefs. Children can enjoy the outdoors, discover some treasures as; some precious stones unfold from the existing rocks. Address: 726 Durham Street, Hillerton, PA 18055 Phone number: 610-838-8767Lost River Caverns

Lehigh Valley Laser Tag

Lehi Valley laser station is located among the best entertainment places for children in Bethlehem, Palestine. It is a special area for technological games where; children can play using lasers. All they need to do is choose their team and start playing, they can also play within the family team to increase the fun. These games increase the strength of observation, and focus in young and old as well. It also increases the flow of adrenaline in the blood, so it is considered one of the most popular destinations for children in the city. Address: 874 Marcon Belved, Allenton, BA 18109 Phone number: 610 443-2230Lehigh Valley Laser Tag

Mulligan’s Family Golf Center

If you want a new leisure destination for your kids, the Mulligan Family Golf Center is an ideal place for that where; children can enjoy a new game. The center includes a mini golf course, so children can play easily. It also includes more than thirty driving stations, with herbal teas, and parasols to play in bad weather. The venue also provides short lessons to be able to play if you are a beginner. Address: 2600 Rangdi Rd., Wheathal, BA 18052 Phone number: 610-266-6555Mulligan’s Family Golf Center

Imagi Nation

An educational and entertainment destination with an area of ​​five thousand one hundred and twenty square feet, where; children from the age of three to twelve can simulate the profession that they desire for a period of time in a realistic manner. They are classified as one of the most important recreational places for children in Bethlehem. Children can pay for games, and shop through the money they receive, or they can donate it to charities such as the Red Crescent and the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Address: 3313 Hamilton Boulevard, Dornville Rare Shopping Center, Allenton BA 18103, phone number: 610-841-5919Imagi Nation

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