China Tourist Islands

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China or, as it is officially called, the People’s Republic of China, which is the largest country in the world in terms of population amounting to 1.375.220,000 people according to the statistics of 2016, located in East Asia and consists of 22 provinces in addition to five autonomous regions, and four municipalities directly managed, and its capital Beijing, with an area of ​​9.6 million square kilometers, is famous for its many different industries that the economy depends heavily on, but it also depends on tourism, as it includes picturesque tourism islands visited by tourists every year.

China Tourist Islands


This island is located in Guangdong Province, which is a famous coastal region in China, characterized by moderate temperatures, ranging from 8 to 22 degrees Celsius, and its rains are also abundant, and the weather remains fairly moderate throughout the year, where many beautiful flowering plants live and are famous for water Its pure and enjoyable beaches, which encouraged tourism and crowded tourists on these beaches.


This island is located on the south sea near Beihai City in Guangxi Province, which is a volcanic island, with an area of ​​24.74 square kilometers, and it is considered the largest island in Guangxi Province, characterized by moderate weather throughout the year, where the temperature reaches 23 degrees Celsius over the course of The year is also distinguished by its thriving forests due to its abundant water and rain, so it is an attractive destination for tourists to enjoy its beautiful weather and picturesque nature.


It is a sand island located in the southeast of Hanyan Island, about 330 km from it. This island consists of 45 lonely island, with a length of 250 km and a width of 150 km, the island is characterized by abundant rain and moderate temperature, and contains more than 40 species and species of birds , And more than 400 species of fish and other marine creatures.


This island is located in the Taiwan Strait, west of the island of Taiwan, and it consists of Penghu Island in addition to 63 other islands adjacent to it, which are similar to grains of pearls scattered on the surface of the sea, with an area of ​​126.86 square kilometers. Some of them are due to the erosion of sea water for it, and its surface is full of coral reefs, so its soil is not suitable for cultivation, it contains many different types of fish, and it has many beautiful scenery such as white clouds in its clear sky, lamps of boats and ships decorated for it in the evening, which is famous since ancient times .


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