Cities of Iraqi Kurdistan

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Iraqi Kurdistan cities

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq includes four main governorates:
the number
Governorate name
Sulaymaniyah Governorate
Erbil Governorate
Duhok Governorate
Halabja Governorate

Kurdstan Iraq

The Kurdistan region of Iraq is located in the northern side of the State of Iraq, bordered to the north by Turkey, to the eastern side by Iran, and to the western side by Syria. The city of Erbil is the capital of the region, and it is a mountainous region, and there are some areas that are contested by the regional government Iraqi Kurdistan with the government of Iraq, like the city of Kirkuk, it is one of the regions that gained independence in 2005 from the Iraqi government, so that it has a constitution, government, parliament and a flag of its own, while remaining part of the state of Iraq, and the area of ​​the region is now more than 40,000 square kilometers, and its population Almost 5.5 million people, as the largest The majority of the population wanted, and the region is based on its economy based on oil. The region includes a group of natural and archaeological monuments that are a source of attraction for tourists.

The largest city in Iraqi Kurdistan

Some of the largest cities in Iraqi Kurdistan include:

  • Erbil city: The city is located in the governorate of Erbil, with a population of approximately 1,700,000 people, and an area of ​​approximately 13,165 sq km, which is the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
  • Sulaymaniyah city: Located in the Sulaymaniyah governorate, the city has a population of approximately 1,600,000 people.
  • Dohuk City: It is located in Dohuk Governorate, with a population of approximately 950,000 people, and an area of ​​about 41 thousand square kilometers. It is the capital of Dohuk Governorate. The city is distinguished by its beauty; it is bordered on three sides of the mountains, and it includes a small river that originates from the Great Duhok Dam.
  • Zakho: Located in the Dohuk Governorate, with a population of approximately 350,000 people, the city is strategically located, which in the past controlled the trade routes that lead to Assyria and Anatolia, but it is also a curse for it because of the passage of the huge armies that destroyed it.


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