Cities of the state of Morocco

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White House

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, and during the French colonization, Casablanca became the main port of Morocco, and at the present time the city is the commercial and industrial heart of Morocco, and the main industries include textiles, electronics, food processing, and leather works, and its mosque is the third largest mosque in the world , And he and the historic city are places to visit.


The city of Rabat is the capital of Morocco and is currently the center of the textile, carpet, blankets and handicraft industry. Other economic activities include the manufacture of fruit and fish, the manufacture of bricks and asbestos, and contain an international airport. There are also relatively modern buildings in the southern suburbs of the city, including the Royal Palace Which was built in the fifties, and the University of Mohamed V, which was founded in 1957 AD, and the National Library, in addition to various administrative buildings.


Tangier is located 27 kilometers from the southern end of the State of Spain, and the Strait of Gibraltar separates it from the continent of Europe, which is the second economic center in the country after Casablanca.


This city was founded in the eighth century AD, and it is the oldest of the four imperial cities in Morocco, and it is known today as a commercial center and its production of traditional crafts, and tourism is the main industry in it, and most of the crafts produced there are sold in the winding streets of the market, and it is mentioned that the old town has become one of the sites UNESCO’s World Heritage in 1981, which is the former capital of Morocco, includes the University of Al-Karaouine and is the oldest university in the world.


Marrakesh is the main city in central Morocco, and it is a popular destination for tourism and winter sports, and the city is famous for its parks, especially the Menara Gardens and Agdal Gardens, and the irrigation system built under the Almoravids is still used to irrigate the city gardens, and the old section of the city, known as The city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.


The city of Chefchaouen is a wonderful mountain city located in the northeast of Morocco, and it is full of winding white alleys, blue doors, olive trees, and the Spanish language is the official language among the population, while the French language is the language of higher education in it.

Other cities

There are other cities including: Agadir, known for its beaches and it is a good example of modern Morocco, Ouarzazate, Tetouan, Merzouga, Essaouira, High Atlas and Meknes.


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