Learn about the most important coastal cities in Turkey and the characteristics of each, as Turkey contains many natural landscapes and tourist attractions that are not known to many but Istanbul and its mosques. Below is a comprehensive report on the most important coastal cities for a special holiday on the Black Sea.

Cities on the sea in Turkey:

The Black Sea is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, as the cities there enjoy a moderate climate throughout the year, and it would be great to walk in the wonderful roads that extend along the coast, take a sunbath, or participate in various water sports, which cannot be done in other countries. .

The most beautiful areas of the Black Sea in Turkey:

Trabzon city:

  • One of the major cities that overlook the Black Sea and the surrounding Anatolia, and the history of its construction dates back to the Middle Ages where the ancient Greeks inhabited this region.
  • Automated Sofia was built by Emperor Alexius Comnenus when he arrived in the city directly from Constantinople and then Muslims bought it after that it was converted from a church to a mosque and today it is considered one of the most famous museums that combine Islamic history and Christian history in a beautiful form and tourists come from all over the world To visit this wonderful museum.
  • You can stroll among the greenery that covers the mountains surrounding the city to explore and take the most beautiful pictures.

Rize city:

It is considered one of the most famous Turkish cities specialized in making various types of tea with excellent quality.
Wherever you go in the city, you will find tea plantations surrounding you in every direction.
Many tourists go to this particular city in order to try their own tea made from the finest plants, as well as a large number of herbs with a tropical climate.
You can visit the medieval castle of Rize, built by southerners. Your visit to the city will definitely be unforgettable.


  • One of the dazzling cities that lovers of tranquility, poetic and beauty, in relation to its location from the Mediterranean Sea is located in the north, and it has many elegant buildings and antique facilities that have a long history that is told by the walls and timeless monuments.
  • In the past, the city of Sinop was one of the most vital centers of trade, where commercial caravans came to it from the Euphrates, and from Kabaudkia.
  • It is a favorite destination for fans of exploring the monuments, and mosques left by the Ottoman Empire, to bear witness to the history of this eternal empire.

Smoela Monastery:

It is also called the Monastery of Our Lady Maryam, and it is one of the most beautiful areas on the Black Sea that have great historical and religious value, which made tourists come to it from everywhere as it enjoys an excellent location among the mountains that uniquely surround it.

Amasra City:

  • It can be said that it is the most beautiful city located on the Black Sea, the houses in the city have many varied and pleasant colors, and the sea port is surprising and impressive.
  • There are many narrow streets and alleys in the city that enjoy unique views of the Black Sea in addition to the many castles that belong to the ancient Byzantine civilization.
  • As for entertainment in the city, you will never feel bored, as you can sunbathe on the beach, go swimming, dive, or take a boat trip in the water to see the beauty and magic of the sea. You will be one of the most amazing cities for you, and every day a new adventure awaits you.

Ordu City:

One of the famous coastal cities that enjoys a charming view of the Black Sea with the splendor and beauty of fine sand, which extends to the east and west of the city, a delegation that was one of the ancient Greek cities and today still preserves its antique heritage.
The best time to visit Ordu is in the summer to enjoy the beauty of its beaches and its charming waters. You can also participate in many recreational activities that take place such as cable cars and balloon.


Among the cities that still retain their monuments dating back to the ancient Greek state, so far there are many monuments that you can see in various places in the city and usually go to tourists from everywhere in the summer, in order to take sunbaths or take a cruise tour through Boats that clean many trips every day. You will never tire of visiting this charming city.


One of the most famous industrial cities that overlook the Black Sea, and it is one of the fast cities with a somewhat noisy life and many coastal plains. The city is one of the best places to produce cotton and it exports food grains to many countries.
The city dates back to the ancient times of the Greek era, and it is full of many historical monuments, in addition to the old mosques built by the Ottoman Empire, the most famous of which is the Great Mosque and the Kami Bazaar Mosque.

Marmaris City:

  • It is one of the most beautiful cities located on the Black Sea, and she was awarded the title of the Black Sea jewel because of the beauty she enjoys.
  • It is the most suitable destination to spend an unforgettable honeymoon amid the charming nature, and many recreational activities are done in the city, including balloon rides. You can also take sunbathing, wandering on the beach, or have dinner on a memorable one in restaurants directly overlooking the beach in a very idyllic atmosphere.
  • The beauty of nature in the city is not limited to the beaches, but it has many green spaces suitable for walking and taking a rest as you will find the greenery spread within the sight of your gaze comfortably to the nerves.

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