The city’s Taksim Restaurant Hatay Medeniyetler Restaurant is one of the best Taksim restaurants located along the famous Istiklal Street Istanbul. It is considered one of the best restaurants of Istiklal Street Istanbul, and it is called the Celebrity Restaurant, where many people who are considered elite of the Turkish people visited him, as visited by the President Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2018, which increased his reputation among the tourism destinations in Turkey in the glorious city of Istanbul.
Burak Ozdemir, the official chef of Madinah Istanbul Taksim Restaurant, is considered one of the most famous Turkish chefs, and the most creative in creating methods of cooking and serving various Turkish, Arabic and international dishes, and he is the first to prepare a kebab with a length of one meter.

City Restaurant Istanbul

Food is famous for serving the city restaurant Istanbul Taksim

Al Madinah Restaurant is famous for Taksim cooking traditional Turkish and Middle Eastern dishes, including stuffed chicken and grills, and the restaurant’s official chef is also known for creating giant cooking and serving Turkish, Arabic and international cuisine, as the largest pizza, hamburger and hot dog, along with the largest stuffed dish, grills Etc., as the city restaurant Istanbul Taksim is famous for serving all kinds of dishes of the Hatay region, and the chefs of the Medina restaurant use Taksim with fresh food items that come from that region in 90% of its dishes.

City Restaurant Istanbul

The Burak Istanbul restaurant menu includes the name of the dish in English, Turkish and Arabic, and a picture of the dish, where customers can start with one of the soups.
The menu also includes many salads, appetizers and cold dishes, of all kinds, and a wide range of refreshments, cold and hot drinks.
Then customers can choose one of the dishes of the Medina restaurant in Taksim al-Chair, with a side dish of rice or bulgur, or types of upside down and press, and pastries.
Like other restaurants in Turkey, the meal ends with one of the dishes of Turkish and Middle Eastern sweets, accompanied with a cup of Turkish tea, as a hospitality, mostly.
The Burak Istanbul restaurant is characterized by a fun atmosphere, which raised its place in the hearts of many visitors, whose names are inscribed on the loaves of bread with love.

Istanbul city restaurant

As for the prices of the city’s restaurant, Istanbul, according to the opinions of the majority of customers are high, compared to other restaurants, but it is worth, as it can reach the price of a single meal to 300 TL, equivalent to about $ 50.
The meal in Al Madinah Restaurant includes Istiklal Street, salad platter, soup, appetizers of all kinds, drinks, main course, dessert, and traditional Turkish tea cup as hospitality.

Istanbul city restaurant menu

Istanbul city restaurant

City restaurant in Istanbul

City restaurant in Istanbul

Burak Istanbul Restaurant

Burak Restaurant in Istanbul

You can visit the restaurant’s official website for more details about its dishes, reservations, and tourist packages from here

Opening times in the city restaurant Istanbul

Daily from 12 midnight, until 2 in the morning.

Istanbul City Restaurant Reviews

The location of the city’s restaurant in Istanbul had the luck of luck in favor of customers, because it is located in the heart of Taksim and Istiklal Street, and because of its proximity to Taksim Square, and the speed of meeting requests, cooperation and courtesy of the crew and their ability to speak in Arabic and English gained many positive comments, but some customers complained From the crowded restaurant and the inconvenience, most of them found the prices exaggerated, and a large percentage of those commented that it was worth it.
Overall, restaurant ratings ranged from 78 to 92%, and most customers praised the quality of the raw items used in preparing the dishes.

Attractions near Istanbul City Restaurant

Taksim Istanbul area where the restaurant is located, the restaurant is 350 meters from Istanbul Wax Museum, and Istiklal Street Istanbul 500 meters, while Galatasaray Bath is 600 meters, Kabatash Port 1.4 km, Galata Tower 1.6 km, and Dolmabahce Palace 2, 2 km.

Galata Tower, near Burak Istanbul Restaurant

Hotels near Istanbul City Restaurant

Taksim Star Istanbul Hotel is a 3-star Taksim Istanbul hotel, 130 meters from the city’s Taksim restaurant

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received good reviews regarding the location and views of the Bosphorus, the level of hygiene, staff cooperation, and room comfort.
Hotel reservation
Marble Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 4-star Istanbul hotels, just 150 meters from the restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received great reviews on site, good reviews on both services, hygiene, and staff. Some visitors criticized the weak Wi-Fi network in some parts of the hotel.
Hotel reservation

City restaurant location in Taksim

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