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Comments on traveling to Thailand From traveler experiences, what information do you need to know before traveling to Thailand? What are the costs of travel in Saudi riyals? We will learn about it in detail on the Arab Travelers website.

Travel to Thailand:

There is no doubt that traveling to Thailand is the dream of everyone whether we are talking about family tourism, youth trips or an unforgettable honeymoon. Unlike the rest of the regions in the world, Thailand is still adhering to its culture and globalization has not been able to make it, which makes it a unique spot and whatever we talked About this wonderful place you will always find new information, new places and things you did not know.

Things to know before traveling to Thailand:

  • Thailand follows the monarchy, not the republican, which many think
  • Tourists can enter temples in the islands of Thailand only on one condition, their shoulders are bare or their knees exposed so it is important to wear a half-sleeve shirt or wear clothes without sleeves and not to wear long pants in order to enter the antique temples of Thailand, but in case you forget this information Important, you can rent the appropriate clothes from the tourist facilities before entering the temple, and one of the most famous temples in which you will find this command is the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok.
  • You will find many delicious scents everywhere in Thailand, and we are talking about wonderful foods that are prepared, but at the same time you may notice unpleasant smells and the reason is the drains of drainage of the accumulated water from precipitation.
  • Thais love King you very much, so do not ever try to belittle the ruler or the ruling family, as this is a serious crime and punishable by law in the country. In addition to being very angry, this will push you into a fight you do not want.
  • The indigenous Thai people welcome and thank the tourists and give expressions of thanks and appreciation in general in their Thai language often, which will teach you some simple welcome phrases and salutations to use the Thai language quickly.
  • Bangkok is one of the worst capitals around the world because of its heavy traffic congestion compared to any other city in the world.
  • The Thai people are very kind, respectful and peace-loving, but unfortunately, Bangkok has witnessed in particular a lack of friendliness and a lack of love by some members of the people, as many of them cannot tolerate strangers today, unlike what is found in Phuket Island and the southern part of the country where you will find great care and great welcome By the Thai people.
  • Amazing information about Thailand:

    • The month of April is very hot in the islands of Thailand, making it the worst time to visit.
    • Thailand is known for its many smiles, because the people of Thailand smile at all times, which will force you to smile wherever you go.
    • The Thai people love to eat classically by eating food with a fork and spoon like the part of the Asian continent, and this is done by putting food in the spoon using a fork to facilitate eating.
    • Buddhism is the number one religion in Thailand, while Muslims make up six percent of the religions in the country, which makes it easy to find a mosque in Bangkok, the capital, while you will surely find mosques in Phuket and in the southern part of the country. Muslims are concentrated in these areas
    • What you don’t know is that a tuk-tuk in Thailand is treated like a taxi, so don’t imagine that riding it will reduce the costs of your trip, and don’t try to ride it unless you really like it.
    • Before you travel to Thailand, be sure to book a hotel located near the sky train in the city of Cancun, because it is much better than the bus and it will save you a lot of time that you would have spent on public transport where traffic congestion.

    Comments on traveling to Thailand:

  • In order to avoid the fraud and theft by taxi drivers, make sure that the taxi operates the meter before you ride, or you can use the Uber app by downloading it and starting to use it from your arrival in the city.
  • Although most Arabs do not prefer Thai food, it is completely different for the rest of the tourists, as they like Thai food which has an excellent and different way of preparing fish from their point of view, so do not care about the comments you hear about food in Thailand and leave yourself an opportunity to try the local food which Often it will be a little hot and has a lot of flavors because people love different spices and put it in all their foods.
  • You will find many transgender people in the country and it will be easy to get to know them from women, but in some cases they are not able to discriminate and they are accepted by society in Thailand and no one harasses them.
  • The police on the streets often do not speak English so it is best to contact the tourism company at their own number 1155.
  • You will depend on public transportation in the capital only, but once you visit the rest of the area you will need the independence of other means of transportation, such as a taxi, motorbike, and tuktuk, which is everywhere, so it is important to know whether the driver has a counter or not and if he does not have it, it is better to agree in the form of Prior to fare before setting off for your next stop.
  • You may need to take off your shoes before entering many temples, while crossing from one island to another, or from the questioner to the island, taking boats. So make sure to wear an easy-to-wear shoe or bring it with you during your trip to Thailand.
  • The cost of travel to Thailand in Saudi riyals:

    • You will need between 8 thousand riyals and 10 thousand Saudi riyals if you will spend twenty days in Thailand and do not intend to buy a lot of things, as this amount will enable you to enjoy everything in Thailand as you like.
    • For the costs of the tours, transportation and restaurants you will enter, you will need approximately 500 SAR. In any case, food in restaurants is more expensive than fast food
    • Flight will often cost you about 400 Saudi riyals, which equals 40 dinars.

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