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Comoros is located on the continent of Africa on an area of ​​about 2235 square kilometers, making it the No. 182 country in terms of area in the world. The Comoros has become an independent country after obtaining sovereignty from France, and the population of Comoros is 737,284 people, and it is among the Countries that do not share borders with other countries.
The Comoros archipelago is also located in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean between the east coast of Africa and Madagascar. This archipelago includes three volcanic islands, many coral reefs, and uninhabited islands, including Mayotte, which is controlled by France, although the Comoros is claimed.

History of the Comoros

The Comoros archipelago consisting of: Mayotte, Anjouan, Moheli and the Comoros Islands declared independence in 1975 AD. Since independence, Comoros has suffered from political instability. In 1997 AD, the Anjouan and Moheli Islands declared independence from Comoros, and in 1999 the Fomboni Agreement was concluded To share power between the three islands while each island retains its local government.

Comoros attractions

Moheli Island

Moheli Island is the smallest island in the Comoros archipelago, and is famous for its clean beaches, friendly residents, and mountainous interior spaces that hide many waterfall waterfalls. This island also attracts nature-loving tourists, where visitors can view marine life including giant turtles in the Bay of Nomashua In addition, the effects of Malay culture on the island can be recognized.

Big Moon Island

The Comoros island is the largest island in the archipelago of the Comoros Islands, and it is also the island in which the capital Moroni is located. The island is the Vendredi Mosque, which is near the port.


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