Conditions for postponing the Saudi airline ticket. Below we explain to you on the Arab Travelers website the most important terms and conditions for postponing the Saudi airline ticket, and the amount of the fine imposed on the individual as a result.

Conditions for postponing the Saudi airline ticket:

It is important to read the terms and conditions well so that you can adjust the date of your tickets, and know the procedures that you have to follow

  • Your ticket is not already overdue.
  • The ticket is not a gift from the airline or gift miles
  • You have paid the services in full and have sufficient credit for the ticket you want to book
  • Paying the amount of the fine imposed by the Saudi Arabian Airlines on the person who is adjusting the flight date, in order to ensure that there is more system in the travel dates, and to provide seats for everyone for a comfortable and enjoyable travel.
  • The ticket has not been booked by a third party, as Saudi Arabian Airlines is not responsible for reservations that have not been made from its website or its many offices available to everyone.
  • It is important for everyone to agree to the conditions for the service of adjusting travel dates, changing travel tickets and the value of the fine imposed when changing travel times
  • Provide all the information that the company needs in order to do this service
  • Fine for adjusting Saudi airline flight times:

    • Saudi Airlines recently imposed a fine of 50 Saudi riyals on anyone who changes the reservation dates or changes in his reservation during its many trips, especially for first and business class, as part of domestic flights only, and for all reservations.
    • The company has also made a retrospective statement on tickets purchased since last month, in order to regulate fines for each class of travel, and payment is made through the various branches of the company.
    • Concerning the fine of fifty riyals, it was imposed on the different types of tickets for businessmen and first class, including GR and DJ50 within the Saudi Arabian Airlines domestic flights only.
    • The new system also shows the presence of fines for those who wish to amend the data and information about his trip within the offices of Saudi Airlines in all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if that was more than a day before his trip he paid the tax that we set, and that is by adjusting the reservation.
    • In the event that the traveler wants to amend the reservation in less than a day of his travel, he will have to pay 50 Saudi riyals in addition to paying 25% of the value of the internal ticket in order to be able to change it.
    • In case the desire to cancel the flight reservation is canceled and within more than one day of the travel date, the customer pays fifty Saudi riyals, and the amount he paid back is returned.
    • As for the price of children’s tickets, they are the same as the price of adult tickets in Saudi Airlines. There is no claim for children’s airline tickets in Saudi Airlines, and the infant pays him 20 percent of the adult ticket value, which increases the price of the adult’s ticket.
    • According to reports issued by Saudi Airlines, the law on fines has begun to be implemented in local markets and domestic tourism, but with regard to international tourism and international flights, it has not been able to link them to the same law of fines on domestic tickets.

    How do you amend the date of your ticket?

    In the event that you want to change the date of travel tickets for Saudi Airlines, you can change the information or change the flight by their website, where you will enter the website and review the reservation record, and then request a change to the flight and change it with any alternative flight in the dates already existing, This will result in another ticket or updating your ticket information and you will pay the flight change fee.
    Instead of entering the website in the event that the issue is complicated, you can go to any of the Saudi Airlines tickets sale centers where you will find an employee in your care and will change the dates of your travel tickets or cancel them in case you want to do so and pay the fees due as the company seeks to facilitate its services And provide amenities for travelers, in addition to the electronic presence, which follows a lot of services, especially services for follow-up after the sale of tickets.

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