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We will talk about everything related to traveling to Norway, whether for tourism, for study or for work, in addition to the travel costs from Egypt and Jeddah and the average money that you will spend in Norway in order to be able to set your budget properly.
The best way to travel to Norway is tourism, where you will be able to enjoy the many tourist attractions in Norway and at the same time you will get to know more about this wonderful country, and this also allows you to search for work in the period that you will remain in Norway, and it is preferred to search for work in places that attract Arabs from In order to find work faster, and to work in Norway in this way, you will leave it after the end of your tourist period, and then the employer sends an invitation to him that contains an employment contract, and after obtaining the contract for employment, travel procedures begin, and in general if you cannot obtain a contract Work during your visit to Norway, you will complete At least recognize the Massed and enjoy the various activities that can work in it and you can also visit other countries Kalshngen for example.

Traveling to Norway for work:

The most famous way to travel to Norway to work is through a direct job contract, and this requires that the employer send an employment to the person outside of Norway, it is very evening where you can communicate with the employer via the Internet and display your CV to the employer, or your friend or relative can help you In Norway to travel by looking for work for you in Norway.
Although this method is easy and does not spend a lot of money, its success rate is very small, especially if you communicate with the employer via the Internet, because most employers prefer live communication, as you may occupy the job before you arrive in Norway.
If you get help from a relative already in the country, then the method will be highly guaranteed, if the person really wants to help you travel.

Traveling to Norway by study:

  • Many people wonder about studying in Norway, the different universities that are in it, and whether that is possible or not, admission to the university is not difficult and it will enable you to get work so that you can work the rest of the visa procedures for studying in the country, and allow you to study in Norway Work for 20 hours per week, which is similar to the labor law for studying in Germany.
  • During your studies in Norway, you can learn more about the nature of the Norwegian labor market and then after completing your studies you convert it to residency for work and this will be very easy especially if you are already working during your studies, and you have done a lot of relationships and knowledge, this will enable you to stay In Norway legally, if you cannot get an employment contract you will have to leave Norway.
  • You should make full use of your studies in Norway, if you want to stay in the country and not leave, such as looking for a job at first sight, and the work will often cover all your material needs, and you will know more about the job market, which gives you a greater chance not to leave Norway After the end of your studies.

Travel to Norway asylum:

We often hear about people who have been able to travel to Norway by offering the right to asylum, and there are two ways to do this: immigration through UNHCR and direct access to the country and then an asylum request.

  • The first means: The person submits an application for asylum to the state through the UNHCR that coordinates the refugee operations around the world, according to the share of Norway from refugees, and in the event of acceptance he can travel to the country and start a new life of his own like any Norwegian citizen without problems, and the state provides many assistance to refugees .
  • The Commission selects many people who want to obtain asylum, to resettle them in various parts of the world, where it offers the state to the person who wishes to obtain asylum, and the person can accept or reject, but if he agrees, it begins the procedures for resettlement in cooperation with the dependent embassy The state in his country, and then the embassy decides to grant the asylum seeker the right to resettle or reject his application.
  • The second means: It starts with the asylum seeker obtaining a tourist visa for the state or a study visa and then after traveling and arriving at the airport he submits asylum papers at the airport, and this can be done through the work of other visas such as a visa to participate in conferences, events and other occasions and then begins the asylum procedures from Norway Itself after arrival.

Traveling to Norway by marriage:

Many young people rely on this method to travel through marriage by a Norwegian citizen or a Norwegian citizen, whether through an office to help travel or through direct knowledge, and after the completion of the marriage a person can travel to his partner in Norway and reside with him legally but there are some problems that may hinder the process Your travel includes:

  • Travelers from Iraq and Syria cannot obtain a travel visa because the country knows they want to seek asylum after arriving in the country.
  • Norway does not have a resettlement program as in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • In Norway there is no such thing as immigration through the Norwegian lottery, as this information is not correct, but rather sites for earning online, and the country that has a travel lottery program is the United States of America.

Travel cost to Norway:

  • The ticket price for Norway from Jeddah is 1078 USD
  • The ticket price for Norway from Egypt is 65 thousand pounds.
  • Restaurants in Norway offer a unique meal at $ 38. You can also get a Mac meal for $ 12 and hot drinks for only $ 2. In upscale places, you may reach $ 18.
  • Food in Norway is cheap. A kilo of chicken costs just $ 3
  • Transportation in Norway is cheap, with a monthly travel card price of $ 85.
  • To be able to rent one room in the middle of the capital, you will pay between 900 to 1200 dollars, which makes housing in Norway high price. As for renting a three-bedroom apartment, the price is up to 2000 dollars.

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