Cook Islands

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Cook Island

It is a number of islands located in the southern side of the Pacific Ocean, specifically halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. This island was named after the discoverer of New Zealand and the east coast of the state of Australia, James Cook.

the climate

Coke Island is characterized by its tropical oceanic climate, which is affected by the trade winds in the dry season, which runs from April to November, in addition to being affected by the winds of the telephone from November to March, and the period from December to March is considered one of the most humid seasons. On this island.


The system of government prevailing on Cook Island is the system of self-government, which falls within the framework of the free union between it and the New Zealand government, it is fully responsible for all its internal affairs, with the exception of the defense and external relations process, it is the responsibility of the New Zealand government, with some consultations Provided by the Cook government.

The Cook Island Parliament is made up of two rooms, one of which contains the Legislative Assembly, which includes twenty-five members, twenty-four of them represent the Territories of the Cook Islands, and one member represents individuals who reside outside this island, and the term of the Council extends to five years, while the other room includes the House of Lords formed Among the traditional leaders, as this room provides advice on many traditional issues, in addition to its great influence on many matters relating to the individuals of this island.


Cook Island is one of the islands that suffers from slow development and economic growth, like other islands located in the southern side of the Pacific Ocean, because it is completely isolated from the various foreign markets, in addition to the lack of local market production, a severe shortage of natural resources necessary for any industry, and exposure To many natural disasters that led to the occurrence of great destruction, and its weak infrastructure and not suitable for any economic development, and depends mainly on its income on the agricultural sector, as this sector provides about seventy jobs, and it is one of the islands exporting many agricultural products a It includes dried coconut pulp, and lemon.


Cook Island is one of the tourist places that attract large numbers of tourists, who number about 100,000 visitors annually, as this sector is an important sector in its economic income, due to the availability of many important tourist attractions in this island.

The language

The vast majority of Cook Islanders speak English, as it is considered the main language on this island, in addition to the many dialects spoken by some residents.


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