Coral Island

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Coral Island

Al-Marjan Island is one of the islands located in Dammam, on the eastern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is distinguished by being one of the first islands established in an industrial and tourist nature at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is an estimated distance of about 1800 m from the Dammam Corniche, and this island contains many beacons that are distinguished by its colorful and high light , As the visitor in this region gets pleasure, in addition to being one of the most beautiful waterfronts in that place, and this island was built twenty years ago or more, and it is one of the areas that have great popularity with many, and this popularity increases with the passage of time and whenever It evolved I became more modern.

Public places on Coral Island

Al-Marjan Island is characterized by the presence of many places that provide comfort for your visitors, such as the places designated for their parking, in addition to the establishment of many places that are designated for the category of children, in order to carry out various activities that suit them, and make them feel fun, entertaining and sitting in the middle of the island, and provides its visitors with eating different meals in The middle of the water, when making cruises by wonderful boats, and all these things made it an important tourist place at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to attracting large numbers of tourists to visit them, to enjoy the wonderful designs that It aims to provide all the means and amenities that a visitor from different countries of the world needs.

Al Marjan Island includes many green areas, palm trees, and the various trees that have spread throughout this island, where the visitor can have fun when sitting under these trees, with the ability to roam and stroll freely in all parts.

This island is characterized by the presence of many umbrellas for visitors ’seating, which number about fifty umbrellas, where visitors can sit under these umbrellas for the longest time possible without feeling bored and damaged by the sun’s rays, and they are distinguished by many beautiful and attractive colors, which give the island a view Beautiful when looking at it from far away, in addition to the beautiful looking when you see it from inside the island.

The island contains the ship of the bride of the Gulf, which is a cruise ship that organizes many cruises through it, in addition to organizing trips for lunch and dinner in the middle of the sea, and these trips feel tourist fun and romance, as it attracts large numbers of tourists from different regions .

This island contains a cafeteria, characterized by providing all refreshments and distinctive snacks that suit all groups visiting this island.


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