Courchevel Resort: It is one of the famous resorts to which many rich people and celebrities come, especially in the winter. The resort is located in Franca in the Alps, and the Courchevel product was established in 1946, the reason for its construction was to provide job opportunities for many of the unemployed, and provide a wide place to practice Skating then turns the place into a luxury product, and every year it comes to visiting David Beckham and many other royal families.
It contains nine hotels classified under the five-star category, and the resort now includes three Michelin restaurants, the resort contains several levels, and has hot sidewalks, also has more than 100 stores, and many French restaurants, Asian restaurants and Mediterranean cuisine.

The Courchevel product contains many different landscapes, starting from forests, narrow paths and wide open spaces, with some high mountains and cliffs, and the resort is the pioneer in terms of slope preparation, ideal crawling grooming and an unparalleled snow system, and the slopes are maintained and re-installed as soon as they melt Snow every year, in order to maintain comfort and safety.
Among the most prominent places in Courchevel Resort:

Aquamution Center:
It is considered one of the best places for diving, it is also possible to lie down around the pool or surfing, and it is considered one of the largest recreational center in Europe, as it contains water areas and public water areas and areas of health concern, and a spa where you can get relaxation and massage.

The center contains a lot of different activities that suit all ages and all leanings, there is a lake where canoeing can be practiced, and some wild areas where camping and adventures can be climbed and climbing, and there are a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants, and the center is located at a crossroad between the Courchevel product and Courchevel Morillon, You can reach it on foot.

The Soller:
It is considered the highest ski area in Courchevel, with a height of about 2,738 meters, and can be reached by skiing, or by using the cable car that was established in 1952 and changed in 1983, and the Soller area is one of the best ski areas and discover the magnificence of winter, as well Some reviews are held against the background of Mont Blanc and La Grand Cass.

Family Park:
It is located in the heart of the Courchevel region, and it is a separate ski passes. It is a family garden for all family members and all ages. There are hops, tables, latches and all tools for skiing in the garden. Music is played in the park in the evening and enjoyed under the stars. There are also some fireworks that children enjoy.

Tobogan Run:
It is one of the family places for skiing, extending to about 2.5 km. It is a snake-like twisting paths, located in the woods near Courchevel, and it starts working from seven in the morning until seven and thirty in the evening, and it is one of the ideal places in the ritual very cold, It is divided into two zones, a zone for children and another for adults, in addition to the upper part, where there are skiing tracks.

Alteport Airport:
Created in 1961 by Michel Ziegler, a former mayor of Courchevel who was a fan of mountains and aviation, Altiport played a major role in the history of the resort of Courchevel, located at an altitude of 2,007 meters, which is the first mountain airport to have a ramp runway, and is used Helicopters are increasing, and the helipad has been expanded to accommodate and make the landing more comfortable and safe, and the place is an ideal place to enjoy the panoramic views of Mont Blanc and Grand Place, and enjoy the impressive view of the planes that take off.

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