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It is located in Greece and occupies the first rank compared to the other Greek islands in terms of area, while for the Mediterranean islands it occupies the fifth rank, and from the southern side overlooks the Aegean Sea, and astronomically its location is at the degree of 35 u, and the degree of 24 BC, and in terms of cultural significance is considered the largest Important, it includes a mountain range that extends from the eastern to the western side, surrounded by a group of rocky beaches, and the summit of Pselorites is considered the highest peak, with a height of about two thousand four hundred and fifty-six meters above sea level, and a group of groves and olive groves spread over these peaks. Corn is also grown in it in addition to tobacco.


This island was established a long time ago dating back to the era of the legendary king Minos, who established civilization and construction in it about four thousand years ago, and did not take long until it completely controlled the Aegean Sea, and these landmarks and monuments are still visible in its historical monuments, and this island remained Lofty and subordinate to the rule of the Byzantines, until Abu Hafs Al-Balouti Andalusia opened and liberated it, establishing a principality in which the emirate did not remain under much control until the Byzantine Nqfuz II seized it in the year 961 AD, and in the year 1204 CE the Venetians occupied it during the Fourth Crusade specifically, to become under the rule of Greece in Al-Ak 1 913 AD, after which the Ottomans seized it. The Arabs called it Quretich, while the Turks called it Gazit, which was distorted and became Crete, and is currently classified as a Greek island.

the climate

There are two climatic zones on the island, the first is in the middle of the island and the second is in the northern side of it. As for its climate, it is moderate, but the humidity in it increases as you get closer to the sea. Between twenty and thirty degrees Celsius, with the exception of the southern coastal areas that include a forest called Misara and the mountain range of Asturusia, and this is characterized by a warm climate so that the temperature in summer is very high, bearing in mind that autumn and spring are the most appropriate to visit.


There are about eight thousand people in it, who are multinational but mostly Greek, with the proportion of Turks who arrived on the island after the arrival of Islamic rule to it, and the professions that its residents occupy are agriculture so that they produce olives and a variety of citrus fruits, in addition to corn and grapes, and a large part works in hunting and trade , And some in herding and traditional crafts.


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