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Cuckoo Islands

The islands are also known as the condom islands, and these islands are still unknown whether they are fictional or real, and in spite of this, they have gained a great reputation in the Arab countries as mentioned in one of the most famous ancient books known as the ancient Arab heritage, and it is estimated that they exist on the continent Asian in Bahrain, Chinese, and Indian.

The label

There are many theories that tell why the islands are named by this name. The first party attributes this to the fact that they contain a group of fruits that are taken from the heads of women as a form for them. These fruits appear on the branches of trees hanging like a woman’s feeling. The land is left to the strong winds that unleash the condom, while the other side attributes its name to the famous sayings of the traveler, Ibn Battuta, who translated the Chinese word “waco” into Arabic.

The name of the condom is considered an Arabic name that they used to refer to two regions (two countries) that differ from each other, as each of the sailors and merchants went to these two countries in the past to practice their activities, and the first region is located in the far east corner located in the eastern part of the Asian continent (North China) , While the second region is the island of Madagascar located on one of the eastern coasts of the African continent.

Where is the cuckoo island mentioned?

  • The name of Al-Waqq Islands is mentioned in many heritage books, where it was the first to be mapped by Abu Abdullah Al-Idrisi when he drew a map of the whole world in 1154 AD, and placed its place in the part that is located after the lands of Sfala.
  • I mentioned in the book Al-Rawd Al-Muatar by Ibn Abdel-Monem Al-Hamiri, as it was mentioned in the book in five articles for him, namely: Ankmurdah, Bartail, As-Sahab, Al-Sarif, and Al-Waqq Waqq.
  • It appeared in the introduction to Ibn Khaldun once.
  • It appeared in the book of Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Mansour Al-Abshihi once for a writing known as the Mutafarif.
  • As mentioned in many literary works, they are:
    • It is described as one of the legendary legendary fables in The Thousand and One Nights book.
    • She was described as (not a wonderland) in the novel Ales (Literature of Fiction) by the writer Life of Rubies.
    • I mentioned in the novel The Tragedy of Al-Waqq Waqiq by the writer Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Zubaidi, and this novel is considered a typical work of Yemen’s traditional novel that talks about social and religious themes.
    • It was mentioned in the novel Al-Sha’ab in Bilad Al-Waqq, by Wajih Yaqoub.
    • I mentioned in the novel The Antidote in the Land of Condom Writer Sebawi Abdel Karim.

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