Cyprus island

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Cyprus island

Cyprus is considered one of the most beautiful islands located in the Mediterranean basin, because of its charming sea view, nature varies between mountainous and coastal. The island of Cyprus is distinguished by its night life, which amounts to all tastes, due to its preservation of its ancient Greek musical heritage, in which its old neighborhoods and its streets that do not sleep sleep with preserving folklore, culture and beauty.

Location and space

The island of Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean Sea, in its eastern basin, where it is located in the southeastern part of the European continent, and in the northwestern part of the Asian continent, and the area of ​​the island of Cyprus is approximately nine thousand two hundred and fifty square kilometers, and this island occupies the third rank in terms of size in Its area is between the islands of the Mediterranean, after the Italian island of Sicily, and the island of Sardinia.

The label

Perhaps the name of Cyprus by this name is rooted in the origins of this island since ancient times, one of the most important minerals, which is copper, which is pronounced in the English language, Copper. This island was called Kypros, which corresponds to the Latin word for copper Cuprum.

History of Cyprus

Cyprus gained its independence from the United Kingdom of the United Kingdom in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty A.D. In the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-four A.D. and as a result of the Turkish military intervention there was divided into two parts, where the first part was located in the central part of it, and the southern section also, and includes a majority of the population of The Greeks, and the second part, which is located in the northern part of it, and includes the majority of the Turkish population.

Terrain and climate

The plain that is centered on this island is known as the Mezoria, and the island of Cyprus is characterized by the presence of two mountain ranges in it. The island is in its southern coast.

The climate on the island of Cyprus is considered a moderate Mediterranean climate, like most countries in the Mediterranean basin, where it is rainy in the winter, and hot in the summer.

Important cities

The city of Nicosia, located between the Turkish and Greek divisions, is the largest city on the island of Cyprus, and it represents the actual capital of it, with a population estimated at about one hundred and ninety five thousand people, and then comes the city of Limassol, whose population is estimated at one hundred and fifty thousand people and is the second city of Where the importance is, and also comes in the importance of the city of Larnaca, which has an estimated population of sixty-six thousand people, followed by the city of Paphos with a population of thirty-six thousand people, and all these cities are located in the Greek section of the island, and there is the city of Famagusta, and also the city of Keren A, and these are located in the northern part of the island.


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