Cyprus tourism guide: the most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus

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New Guide to the best places for tourism in Cyprus “Cyprus” is a topic presented to you by the Arab Travelers website to get to know everything related to tourism in that republic that occupies a privileged location in the eastern Mediterranean. The topic explains the most important tourist areas in it and the most prominent hotels; Restaurants to help you plan a fun and adventurous journey to revitalize your spirit, enrich your memory and revitalize your activity to support your ability to launch in many accomplishments during the next period of your life.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Cyprus:

Tourism in Paphos:

  • It is characterized by its tropical climate that stimulates the enjoyment of the magical place, where the temperatures are moderate in the spring, and the rains fall in the fall; the temperatures rise in the summer, while in the winter the snow is covered with mountain peaks, which encourages snow-based activities.
  • The cultural capital of Cyprus is represented by its richness with archaeological monuments, some dating back to the fourth century BC. Due to its importance, UNESCO has included it in the list of World Cultural Heritage.
  • It has the Stone Beach of Rome, which is only twenty kilometers from the heart of the city, and is famous for the spread of Roman ruins along its beach; instead of the many tourist activities and water sports provided by the facilities attached to the beach to provide fun and luxury for tourists.
  • The charming Coral Bay is just six kilometers from the city center, and is one of the best places for those who want water activities such as: swimming, boat trips and yachts.
  • It includes the tombs of the kings located to the northwest of Paphos Port, most of whose tombs date back to the fourth century BC, and are characterized by their digging in hard stones, and thus it is a suitable tourist place for lovers of visiting the monuments.

Tourism in Nicosia:

  • It represents the capital of Cyprus, its largest city, and one of its most beautiful cities.
  • It is located in northern Cyprus, and is divided into two main parts: the northern section and the southern section.
    It is famous for its progress in the commercial sector.
  • There is the Museum of the Monastery of Caicos, rich in antiquities such as: precious symbols, sacred ships, unique gold coins, and manuscripts.
  • It includes a Cypriot museum built in the Gothic style, which includes a large number of distinctive artifacts such as: Cyprus sculptures, metal pieces, fabrics, and utensils.
  • When going to the north of the city, you can visit the Kyrenia Gate, which was built by the Italians in 1567 AD, and which succeeded in preserving its appearance until now despite its separation from the city wall that was attached to it when it was built.
    In the north there is also the Selimiye Mosque built in the Gothic style in 1200 AD, and thus it is considered the oldest mosque in the city.

Tourism in Limassol:

  • It is located in northern Cyprus, and its second largest city.
  • It is very famous for its marine, commercial and service centers due to its distinguished location that made it a link between the eastern and western Mediterranean.
  • Characterized by the diversity of its tourist places between the scenic natural areas and unique archaeological sites, which made it the favorite place for a large number of tourists.
  • It has the Limassol Castle that was built in the Byzantine period during the tenth century, and which has become a museum with medieval remains.
  • Colossi Castle is fourteen kilometers away from its west and includes many important artifacts, as well as preserving the quality of its structure and distinctive shape.
  • It includes the ruins of Amathus, which is one of the most famous monuments in Cyprus, built in 1100 BC, representing one of the ancient kingdoms of the city.
  • It has a distinctive garden with varied facilities, which includes entertainment places for people of all ages, a museum of natural sciences, and a zoo.
  • If you are a water park enthusiast, you are welcome to visit Fasouri Watermania Water Park, which has the largest swimming pool in the continent of Europe.

Tourism in Larnaca:

  • It is one of the largest seaports in Cyprus.
  • On its sides is Larnaca Bay, which stretches in broad crescent shape.
  • Known for its charming nature and cultural diversity.
  • It is decorated with many palm trees.
  • It has many distinctive beaches such as Finikouds Larnaca Beach with blue waves and clear sand, so it is the perfect place for you if you love the beaches.
  • It has the historic Larnaca Mosque, where 18th-century tombs have been discovered, which has a large minaret, and a huge fountain next to it.
  • The salt lake, home to nearly ten thousand flamingos, during the winter.
  • The Camel Garden is one of the special places for your trip with friends or family, as it provides an opportunity to ride camels, in addition to having many adventures related to them.

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