Czech tourism

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Tourism in the Czech Republic

The tourism sector in the Czech Republic is considered one of the important sectors, as the Republic receives a large number of tourists every year. It includes many buildings, monuments, and important tourist places such as mountain resorts, archaeological palaces, churches, soccer fields, tennis, and skiing. Statistics in 2003 indicated that the number of visitors was 94,984,476 visitors, and tourists. As for the total hotel reservations in Czech hotels, it reached about 97,282 hotel rooms, or about 35% of the total capacity. It should be noted that the tourism sector contributed to the GDP of about 4 billion dollars.

The most important tourist attractions in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic includes many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

Carlstein Castle

Karlstein Castle is located in the Czech city of Karlsten, and it is an historical archaeological castle built by order of the Romen Emperor Charles IV in 1365 AD, and is considered one of the most prominent monuments of the Czech Republic; Wonderful, seeing precious pieces of the Czech crown jewels, and jewels dating back to the era of the Romen Empire.

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State Castle and Cesky Krumlov Castle

It is a complex of ancient Gothic castles, represented by the presence of many archaeological buildings, large squares, in addition to a picturesque garden designed in the Baroque style. The site has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Hluboka nad Vltavou Castle

Hluboca nad Vltavou Castle is located in the Czech South Bohemian Region, and is a historic Gothic castle with eleven stone turrets, about 140 rooms, in addition to royal ceremonial halls, precious paintings, textiles, ceramic pieces, silver, and luxurious furnishings.

The Cathedral of St. Vitus

St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most famous and richest churches in Central European countries. It is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design, and it includes many mosaic pieces, treasures and ancient tombs.

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Carl Bridge

The Karl Bridge is located in the Czech Mala Strana, and it is an ancient stone bridge with a length of 500 meters, and includes a group of statues, and embodiments of the Baroque style.

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